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Why we choose Pixieset for our photography business

Dear Photographers,

We recently made the switch from PASS to Pixieset. We are always looking for ways to improve our business and better serve our clients. Delivering and viewing the photos of our weddings is one of the most important aspects of our business. It is interactive, its social and its something that represents our work when it is put into the world aka the internet. We wanted something sleek, customized, easy to use and controllable. Pixieset was the best option for our business. Our clients can now enjoy having their photos with them anytime, anywhere on all of their devices. They can also enjoy ordering high end products from their phones, iPads and computers that will go straight to their doorstep. We love that our clients can share, download, order and enjoy their photos how they wish. As a business owner, we love that we can customize our pixieset and increase our profits with a larger range of products for sale at the price we want to sell them at. It really is a game changer for our business.


Here are a few reasons why we made the switch


1. Ease of use for our clients: Hover over images for options to share, save, print, favorite. The download all button is easy to see.

Professional Photographers choose Pixieset by POPography.org_429

2. We can choose what file size you want to share with your client // email restrictions 

Professional Photographers choose Pixieset by POPography.org_430

3. We can set our own prices & products

Professional Photographers choose Pixieset by POPography.org_431

4. We can create different Price Sheets (Portrait, Wedding, Etc)

5. Custom Domain Name (The photographer is able to take “pixieset” out of the link)

6. We can sell Single Digital Photo(s) as well as sell an All Photos Digital Download

Professional Photographers choose Pixieset by POPography.org_432

7. The money I make goes straight to my Business Bank Account

8. Photos are not taking up space on our hard drives

9. We paid a yearly storage fee and can quickly pay that off by selling products through Pixieset (And you can upgrade at any time)

10. The size I put in Pixieset is exactly what my client receives (No compression or low-res files; unless we choose to as the owner)

11. Pixieset is always looking to photographers for improvement in their product



Professional Photographers choose Pixieset by POPography.org_433


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Taliya Riesterer -

Hey guys I see you also use Pixieset. Do you guys have to use Stripe? It seems like a huge scam. Do you have other suggestions for an online gallery store?