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Why I left Shoot & Share

This is what they claim on their website. I have been a part of this community for almost 6 years. The original meaning of shoot & share was to focus on service and deliver the high res images to your clients. I was totally down with that. But as of lately that ideal has changed. It now seems like the client should be able to edit, crop, color, or change my photos in any way they wish. I am not in alignment with that or the guilt of not following what they say I should be doing. We all outgrow friends, relationships and even organizations. You are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with the most. I believe this is the same in who you choose to work with and for. Be careful where you put your energy and time. Your time is precious and your connections are important in this industry. Although I do not align myself with Shoot & Share any longer- I do believe you should be a part of small group or photography community! It is so important to have support, love and friendships! So go out there and find a group that will help you grow and flourish in your ART!

-leaha  Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.42.33 PM  After seeing this post come up in my feed, I decided to take action and speak my mind. Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 9.41.31 PMI’m going to keep this really simple. Because frankly, I am fed up with the threats from David Jay and Andrew Barlow.

A few reasons why I am leaving Shoot & Share // PASS

1. While I love serving others photographers and my clients, I won’t be told how to do it. I also will not do it so that it fills someone else’s pocket.

2. I do NOT believe once I hand over the images to my clients that they can do anything they want with their photos. Such as editing, coloring it purple or destroying the image with crazy edits.

3. PASS is part of Shoot & Share and I do not like the new upgrades. I want to set my own prices and sell the products I want for the price I want.

4. It feels creepy to me. Every word I say has to be censored. Every move I make is watched. I’m even being threatened with law suits for my opinions.

5. People are banned or deleted from groups for not agreeing with what they say.

6. They focus on NEW starting photographers- I am not one of those anymore.

7. They run things the way they want. And it is NOT the way I want to serve my clients and my art. They make me feel like my photography is not art and is completely out of my hand after I deliver the photos.

(The above image states that I am though?!)

9. Most the big photographers have abandoned this community and I am too.  We also need a community that supports our needs and grows with our companies. Including software and support of a community.

I am on to bigger and better things where no one will tell me how to run my business or guilt me into feeling like I am supposed to be loyal to something they named “Shoot & Share”. I have made many, many friends along the way. You are all so very special to me. I don’t need a Facebook group to call you my friend.


Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive today. Your kind words have kept me together. After law suit threats and tons of drama… I am officially over the craziness!





Your work is VALUABLE

Your time is VALUABLE

Your clients deserve the BEST

You can be a part of a community that is POSITIVE and values your opinions!

You can run your business however you like!



Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.06.16 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.07.28 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.11.35 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.18.42 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.01.32 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.02.00 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.05.31 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.00.52 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.07.03 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.01.24 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.07.14 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.06.41 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.10.35 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.27.01 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.07.41 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.05.22 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.09.47 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.15.51 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.06.00 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.03.28 PM    Click “LIKE” to let us know you were here.

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Ariana LaFerlita -

<3 send you lots of hugs after that drama-filled weekend of yours! Your art speaks for itself and you are AMAZING!

Trevor Dayley -

“Life’s hurdles can be great opportunities when we fix our minds to rise above them.” – Lincoln Patz

Laura Reynolds -

Love you lady. Excited for the future.

Josiah Alter -

Have you seen Pixieset? Although I stick with smugmug that is another option!