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What should the Groom bring on wedding day? :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Girls have been planning this day for centuries. Guys are the complete opposite!

Girls know the importance of details. The dress, jewelry, shoes and even something as simple as a manicure! Guys on the other hand just want to be told where to be and what to do to make this day perfect for their misses. As photographers, we want to make sure we cover your wedding day showcasing both the bride and the groom. Often times when Jeffrey shoots with the gentleman he notices a lack of details. Some guys just simply say “I don’t have anything”. So we wanted to brainstorm and think of ways for guys to be able to showcase their style and personality by bringing quality details!

Here are some tips on things you can bring for your wedding day!

  • Family Heirlooms– It is always cool to showcase important family peices.
  • A watch– Sometimes a guy will own a nice watch, but assume they cannot wear it on wedding day. It’s the perfect time :)
  • Cuff links– Many groomsmen are getting creative with their cuffs!
  • Fancy socks– No one said you have to wear black socks! Get funky with it!
  • Groomsmen’s Gifts– Ties, flasks, cigars…
  • Borrow items– This is a great time to get fancy! Borrowing expensive items can help with costs and make for a great addition to your outfit
  • Shined shoes– Often forgotten about, but very important! Give those shoes a shine before walking out the door. They will be photographed too!
  • Your favorite drink– Most men are drinking something expensive!
  • Personal items– Handwritten letters, sunglasses, something given to you by your fiance, or something personal we can add to other details.
  • Games– Poker, Cards, Dominos, etc
  • And great men around you to help you relax into what will be one of the biggest days of your life.



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