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Creative wedding ring shots are almost expected on wedding day. Often times we are in such a hurry to get everything done on a wedding day that we rush through the details. But we must remember that the details were very carefully picked out by the bride. Everything from earrings, bracelets, shoes, and of course the wedding rings! We typically have the bride keep all of the wedding rings on the big day so we can photograph them together. In this case- this is MY wedding ring!

The challenge was for me to put together several different ring shots with common items I might see when I walk into the bridal suite. I typically give myself 10 minutes with the rings and jewelry. Often times photographers will grab the flowers and place the rings in or around them…while this is beautiful, we try to look for different outlets of creativity!

The Challenge on Wedding Day: Scan the room for interesting details that you can add to your ring shot to help magnify its beauty!

In my Home: I looked at what was in 5 feet of me. Grabbed some items that I thought would help create interesting ring shots.

(PS: I shot this in about 15 minutes!!) Grab, Go, Get CREATIVE!)





  1. Set up in a natural light window. Quality of light is important. You can also create artificial light through video lights.
  2. Turn off all of the lights in the room so your white balance is easier controlled.
  3. I use the Canon 5d mark iii camera, 100mm 2.8 macro lens
  4. You want to magnify the ring  by getting as close to the ring as possible.
  5. Don’t point the diamond directly towards the light source. It will tend to blow out all of the facets that make it so sparkly!
  6. MANUAL Focus!!! Find somewhere to balance yourself so you don’t shake.
  7. Create shallow depth of field while keeping the entire ring in focus. (Shoot f 6.5- f14)  This is opposite of what I would shoot for a couple. Remember we want everything in focus and you are going to be within inches of this tiny sparkly ring.
  8. We look for Textures, Reflective Surfaces, Shiny stuff, Details from the Bride, Things to Layer, Veils, Lights to use as bokeh, and anything you can grab quick to make for cool shots!



SETUP: A broken jewelry box that was pink glitter! I picked this because of its beautiful texture. How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_152



 Settings  1/40sec    f 7.1    ISO 3200  (Remember, I want ALL of the ring in focus and some of those gorgeous sparkles)

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_153



 Settings  1/25 sec    f 2.8    ISO 1600  (Remember, at a wider aperture you will lose the overall  focus of the ring)

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_154


SETUP: A leftover Christmas ornament and a pre-lit tree in the background

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_156


 Settings  1/80sec    f 6.3    ISO 6400  (I wanted to show some of the sequins of the ornament for texture and bokeh of the lights as a background)

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_157


 Settings  1/100sec    f 8    ISO 6400  (This little tree allowed for a more rustic look and a background that fades into the branches for a never ending look)How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_169

SETUPWhite textured jar I took from a wedding :)  How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_160

Used the simple background that was available: Some white baskets

Settings   1/100    F6.5    ISO 5000 ( Next 3 ring shots)

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_159

Added the pink jewelry box as a pop of color (Look for colors in the house that match the wedding party colors!

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_158

Put a blue vase on top of the jewelry box to create some color explosion

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_161


SETUPWhite textured jar  as a background & a doily to create foreground and background How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_162


Let’s pretend this doily was a family heirloom and we want to showcase it. Here are two ways I would shoot this.

Settings:   1/100  f6.3   ISO 5000

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_163

SAME settings, except this time I am shooting through the doily. The doily is acting as a foreground and background. This creates a softness the the entire photo.

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_166


SETUPA blue vase as the background, a NYC Snow Globe as the theme and a potato holding the wedding ring. 

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_167


It’s not a shot everyone will love. But it is fun to explore what you can do with your big ole brain!

Showcases the ring in a new way and shows off the city they love.

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_168


SETUPA silver tissue box. Always buff the area for dust and finger prints! This was a brushed silver, so it didn’t reflect as much as I would have liked.

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_173

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_174



SETUPGlass of Ginger ale (I prefer champagne), sparkly place for the ring, and lights to twinkle in the background

And I use whatever I can find to balance everything! HAHA (Even potatoes)How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_170

Settings:    1/40   f2.8   ISO 500

How to shoot Wedding Rings by POPography.org_171

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Mary Veterano -

LOVE these so much! I love your process for creating layers and changing the background colors, I hadn’t thought about that! Definitely going to try that out!

Brooke Price -

Love this!! Fantastic tips I had not thought of! I’m off to see what is available around my house now!

Danielle Walters -

This is awesome! I’ve been wanting to set aside time to practice this very thing. Thanks for the inspiration!!! :)

Laura Reynolds -

I love that you shoot through wine glasses too! I do that a lot during getting ready shots and LOVE the way it turns out. Great post!