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Tiana & Hunter Married :: Bridgeport, TX Lake Beach Wedding :: Popography

You have probably seen how I feel about Tiana in my blogpost about her Bridal session. Easy breezy is a great way to describe her. I’m guessing thats why she picked a waterfront view for her ceremony. :) Tiana and Hunter are young, playful and so in love. Together they share their beautiful son, Landon. It was a small family affair on a hot summer day in July. If you know anything about Texas in July—it is HOT. Luckily the weather had taken it easy on us for the most part. It was a high of 97 degrees and clear of rain. Tiana had all of her girls in tote and mom and grandma were always close by. They were getting ready across the street from there ceremony site beach front. This was Hunter’s grandparents home and it was beautiful! What an honor to have your wedding day shared with your closest and a familiar location. Hunter was hanging with his guys and taking it easy. The girls were prepping all day while the boys were swimming in the lake. Isn’t that funny how the priorities are completely different!

The ceremony was simple and elegant. The sun shined above the lake and set a beautiful backdrop for their vows. Their son Landon was one of the first to come down the isle and he was so excited. Actually, he was so excited he ran straight pass the alter location and headed for the water. It was a close call before his little linen suit was soaked! Hunter’s face was priceless when he saw his bride make her way down the isle with her daddy. There is always something that happens in the course of the ceremony to break the seriousness at every wedding. First there was their son running for a refreshing swim and then Hunter’s ring not fitting. We had all been outside too long and his fingers had swollen! It took some work, but he got it on! :)

It was a true honor to spend the day with everyone. We wish Tiana, Hunter & Landon the best for their future together as a family. Congrats guys from the POPography team!

To see more photos on their POPography Website: Tiana & Hunter’s Love Story



PS: If you’re wondering why the groom ends up in a Red T-shirt—his loving sun spilled a drink on his all white outfit! Gave everyone in the wedding party the excuse to put on their street clothes.



And to end on a funny note—kudos to Jeffrey for getting this hilarious, yet killer, ring shot! No pun intended :)







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Staci Inman -

Absoultley great! And of course you made me cry again! Love you much!

Josh N Ammy Groves -

Very BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations

Toni Davis -

Love these Leaha! You are amazing!

Rebecca Clark -

Amazing work! Beautiful wedding. Staci you are beautiful in your picture….proud mamma.

Staci Inman -

Thank you Rebecca! It did turn out to be a beautiful wedding!

Michelle Browning -

These are so beautiful. And yes I cried looking at them. Their love and the love of family exudes from the pictures!

Staci Inman -

Thank you Michelle! We are very proud of what we have seen so far! The team of Popography are amazing!