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Surviving Your Wedding Day

Dear Brides,

With the holiday season behind us, my newsfeed, as well as yours I am sure, was full of newly engaged couples. Picture after picture of smiling faces, beautiful sparkly rings, and comments of congratulations from loved ones. After a few days floating on cloud nine, the questions start coming, “Did you set a date?” “What venues have you decided on?” “DJ or band…or both?” I know from experience, planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task. You plan a huge event for months, a year, or even years! Then it is finally here. Believe me, you will survive and have the time of your life. Here are a five tips that I can give you to make it a day you will never forget and look back on lovingly.New Jersey Wedding Photographer Wedding Day Tips by POPography.org_1251

  1. Pick a photographer and videographer you “click” with (no pun intended). In the months before, I did endless research and talked to countless hopeful photographers and videographers. You spend a majority of the day with these people, sharing intimate moments, you need to feel comfortable. The fact that you are reading this blog makes me hope that you have chosen Leaha and Jeff to shoot your wedding. I promise you, you have not made the wrong choice. The night Leaha and I had our first conversation on the phone, I was sold. I hate talking on the phone and we talked for over an hour, mostly about non-wedding things. I had the same experience with my wonderful videographers.New Jersey Wedding Photographer Wedding Day Tips by POPography.org_1253
  2. Make sure you eat and stay hydrated! Nerves can sometimes get the best of us. I unfortunately have always had a very nervous stomach. Whenever something big or just something new is happening in my life, I end up feeling so sick and can barely eat. I made sure to have things in my hotel room that I knew I would eat regardless of how I felt. I had plenty of bananas, chocolate, and croissants. I ate probably 4 bananas while getting ready. I also made sure I drank plenty of water and peed BEFORE I put my dress on. (Corsets, mermaid cut, and layers of tool do not mix with toilets). Before I walked down the aisle, my bridal party made sure to make me chug a bottle of water. No one wants to pass out at the altar.New Jersey Wedding Photographer Wedding Day Tips by POPography.org_1254
  3. Ceremony & Reception at same location. Nothing is more stressful then getting stuck in traffic or getting really behind schedule. While choosing a venue, I made sure there was a pretty place on site for the ceremony. I did not want to have to hire a limo or a bus and risk guests getting lost or stuck in traffic. I chose a hotel because I could wake up and get ready in my room, walk to the ceremony, walk to the cocktail hour, then walk right to the reception. There was no risk of anyone missing the ceremony, most importantly the bride and groom. It was great knowing my guests could relax and have a good time and not have to worry about getting a ride home. Who likes getting on a shuttle bus after a reception? Every time I have ever been on one, they are always packed, someone is throwing up, and the bride usually ends up standing.New Jersey Wedding Photographer Wedding Day Tips by POPography.org_1256
  4. When things go wrong, don’t freak out. It is inevitable; things will not go as planned on your wedding day. I was calm all morning and fine through the ceremony. Then, my food was messed up during the reception and the DJ was not playing songs on our list. I started to cry, but then my sister and new husband said, these are little things do not let them ruin your day. I decided they were right and danced the rest of the night away. All that matters is that you remember what this day is really about, it is a celebration of the love and the journey you are and your new husband are about to embark on, which brings me to my last tip.New Jersey Wedding Photographer Wedding Day Tips by POPography.org_1255
  5. Take each moment and soak it in. Many people gave me this bit of advice. I am so glad I took it. Many people will give you a ton of advice just always remember it is a day about your husband and you, no one else. Sorry, that was really two tips in one, but getting back to my point…Take a moment at the reception and look around the room. Look at your parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends. You may never have all of these people in one space ever again. They are there celebrating you because they love and care for you. When I did this, I was overcome with joy. It is a truly a magical moment.

Enjoy this crazy and stressful time, it really is a wonderful time. If you follow tip number 1, you will not only have the best photographers, but lifelong friends.


New Jersey Wedding Photographer Wedding Day Tips by POPography.org_1252

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