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Sarah & James :: Teddy’s Room Wedding Reception Dallas, TX :: POPography

Sarah and James rock. I could probably end this blog with those words alone. We have many friends in common, but believe it or not- we hadn’t formally met until the reception! We knew a few things about the couple…James is a fantastic photographer and Sarah works for a women’s shelter.Their love is the real deal. :) I love keeping up with their facebook pages and watching as their lives unfold. Such an amazing couple and we were so stoked that allowed POPography to be a part of this day with them.

The happy couple were married earlier in June in Cancun, Mexico at the lovely LeBlanc Spa and Resort.

This event was to be a big celebration for family and friends at Teddy’s Room in Dallas, Tx. Sarah and James showed up a little bit early to set the mood with their details and sneak in a quick 15 minute portrait session. This venue usually has burlesque dancers at night and the bar is full of fun lighting. The stage was super awesome. There was no way up onto the stage unless you hoist yourself up! Sarah, in her sparkly dress, had no problems jumping up on that stage! What a rockstar woman! The family and friends made this event fun and relaxed. Drinks were flowing, music was jamming and everyone had a smile on their face.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and appreciate the happy couple inviting us to be with them in celebrating their marriage. CONGRATS!!

To see the full collection and download your favorite photo: Sarah & James’ Reception



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Mistie April Lohse -

II like these! Nice place for a wedding!