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Sandy Hook, New Jersey Engagement :: Ashley + Ryan


I am always up for a new adventure and it’s exciting to go somewhere you have never been before! Ashley and Ryan invited me to Sandy Hook which is a small peninsula that juts into the lower New York Harbor. The peninsula served as an active military installation from 1874 until 1975. The rows of houses are still standing even after Hurricane Sandy overtook the entire place! It was super cool to see and learn about the Sandy Hook Lighthouse. Built in 1764 to help reduce shipwrecks, it is the oldest operating lighthouse in America and a National Historic Landmark. A primary mission of the fort was the defense of New York Harbor. This place was rich with history! It is great for fishing, swimming, beaches and tons of history!

Ashley and Ryan are totally adorable. Ryan was a groomsman in a wedding we shot earlier this year and it was fun to catch up with him. Ashley has the most gorgeous smile and is quite smitten with Ryan. They both are self-proclaimed science geeks- and I think it’s adorable. Ryan had the perfect spot to start shooting when we arrived at Sandy Hook. This place was incredible! We arrived about 45 minutes before the sunset, so we were moving pretty quickly. The old architecture and concrete barricades had eroded over time, leaving really interesting colors and ominous feeling. It was super quiet and when you spoke, your words echoed several times over. We then tracked across the field where there were houses all lined up in a row overlooking the bayside of the peninsula. Since the hurricane in 2012, the houses have been fenced off and the porches held up by large 2×4’s. The houses are still standing and are truly incredible to see from a distance and up close and personal. We made our way down the slippery rocks on the bay side right as the sun was going behind the horizon. It was definitely dangerous, but Ashley and Ryan were rockstars! We all made our way down to the water where we fought moss and bugs together. HA! It was absolutely worth it though! It was one of the most incredible sunsets we could have asked for.

Ah, what an adventure! Thank you, Ashley and Ryan, for showing me another piece of New Jersey history! I loved hanging out with you guys. And thanks for fighting those pesky bugs! :) You two are the BEST!

Thank you to Ben Tso for assisting and shooting with me!



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