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Canon 5D Mark iii Test :: Gear Review :: Popography

Lots of people wanting to know how far you can push the new Canon 5d Mark iii– Here was a shot from the wedding this weekend in Dallas. 5d Mark iii House of Blues: Dallas, TX 32mm, 2.8, 1/100

How can Bride’s Save Money through Technology? :: Popography

Every bride is on a budget. Photographers are on a budget. We are all on a budget! Being a conscious spender and trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone is like an art that we all want to perfect. When

Chanan :: Decatur High School Senior 2012 :: Popography

Chanan and her mom, Marcia, called me for some last minute senior photos. I always ask a string of questions to see what the student is into. Is she super girly? Sporty? — Both? —

#copyright #instagram :: Understanding Your Rights :: POPography

After browsing my my facebook timeline, I saw a fellow photog complaining that some of her work had been imported to Instagram, re-edited and published through the app. This inspired me to re-think

Erika & Ben :: TWU Engagement :: Popography

It’s always fun to find out how couples met and what they are into. You just never know what you’re going to find out about them. Erika & Ben are some of the sweetest people

Gypsy Storytelling through Photography :: New Orleans, Louisiana :: Popography

We had the privilege of staying in downtown NOLA last fall when my hubby returned for his 10 year class reunion. I shot an engagement the morning of the reunion and I had made big plans to try out

Creating my Brand & Image through Showit :: Grapevine Shootout :: POPography

There are many ups and downs when running your own business. There are so many questions, so many hurdles and you just want someone to reach out and hand you a life jacket as you struggle to stay

Matt & Amanda :: St Michael’s Catholic Church, Louisiana :: POPography

Amanda absolutely adores Matt. And he cannot take his eyes off of her. They are a comfortable and casual kind of love—the kind that makes you want to always be around them. Amanda has mentioned

Where is the best place to get ready on Wedding Day for photos?

There are so many things to think about when preparing for your big day.  Cake decorators, venues, centerpieces for your tables…….and of course we know you want amazing photos! Brides

Lynsey’s Bridal :: Rock the Dress with Paint :: Popography

Having a throw back session today! This session is a couple of years old, but it was a goody. Lynsey is my BFF of over 20 years and shows up on my bloggity quite often. She is so easy on the eyes and

Amber :: Senior 2012 :: Popography

I think its super fabulous when Senior sessions are considered a family affair. This family was undeniably fantastic. We met up at the Stockyards in Fort Worth. Great grandpa, grandma, mom, little

What makes a good location for photography?

Location, Location, Location….. It seems to be the biggest concern for my clients and brides, but the least of my worries in the big picture. I tend to only take a few really wide angle shots

Shalyn + Mark :: TCU Wedding Fort Worth, TX :: Popography

Mark and Shalyn are the perfect mix of personalities. Mark is a traveling guitarist that has played with some pretty amazing bands. Shalyn is a full time nurse.  Rockstar & Nurse- how cool is

Hannah :: Chico High School Senior :: Chico, TX :: Popography

Chico had no idea what was happening when Bobby and I showed up to shoot Wednesday evening :) We were driving quickly as to arrive before the client did. We always take about 15 minutes to scout

Jessica’s Bridal :: The Cotton Mill McKinney, TX :: Popography

Jessica is hands down the most considerate bride. She says “Yes Ma’am” more than me! :) She brought her bff along and we laughed so much. Keeping that dress clean was HARD! The

Lindsey’s Bridal :: Southlake, TX Town Center :: Popography

Lindsey is the down to earth girl you just love to shoot with. There is nothing too crazy or to high to climb…even in your wedding gown. And what a gown this is! We met up on a cloudy and windy

Molli :: Chico High School Senior :: Decatur TX :: Popography

I was sitting behind the computer culling images from a wedding I shot the weekend before. I took a second to check my facebook fanpage and there she was, pretty Molli. She had seen the sneak peaks

Lindsey & Chris’ Wedding :: The Orchard / Azle, TX :: Popography

You have probably heard me rave about how gorgeous The Orchard is in Azle. It is Spring and it is gorgeous! Everything is super green and it feels like a renewing. Everyone seems a little lighter on

What is a Same Day Wedding Slide Show?

Willie Wonka was probably every kids favorite movie. Who wouldn’t want to live in a dreamland full of sweets and testing the limits of candy!? What a sweet treat! Remember the little girl who

Why Book POPography Vendors?

We had a fabulous time shooting together this past weekend at The Orchard. It’s always a treat when the whole team gets together. Spring is in full effect and everything is in bloom. The