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The POPcast with the POParazzi – Show #5

In this POPcast Jeffrey and myself will discuss our relationship both on wedding day and in everyday life. We are a husband and wife wedding photography duo from Texas. There is no perfect formula to

The POPcast with the POParazzi – Show #4

Ever wish you could just tell someone that you didn’t know personally, but aboslutely adore, how they have touched your life? This show is dedicated to some amazing people in the photography

What Photoshop Actions & Lightroom Presets do you suggest?

Editing…the ‘other’ side of being a creative. Some love it; some dread it. Either way it has to be done! To this day I still love the editing process. I don’t like how much

What is a POPfusion Video?

Photos + Video + POPography = POPfusion From the very beginning of my business I have incorporated video. In my opinion, videos are just as rad and important as photos. When you combine them together

Behind the Scenes :: Setting up the Shot :: Popography

Who doesn’t love some behind the scenes action? I love it when the parents on sessions decide to take some action shots. Here are just a few of the pulled back shots of us working. Thanks

Hadlee :: Trophy Club, TX Newborn Photographer :: Popography

Charlotte and Josh are two of the most fun loving people, ever. There love story is one of kind. I remember knowing Charlotte through my brother. She was dating Josh and their romance was still new.

Charlotte & Josh :: Fort Worth, TX Botanical Gardens Wedding :: Popography

It’s a modern world and 50% of most couples are meeting online. Charlotte and Josh are two of the lucky ones to meet and fall in love. I can still remember sitting in my brothers backyard

How do you edit your newborn photography?

I get this question A LOT. I wish I had one simple answer, but alas I have more than one. I will tell you how I edit newborn and baby portraits in this blog post specifically. I’m trying to

Madison & Amber :: BFF Mini Session :: Popography

Some call me crazy when they find out that I have a 15 year old high schooler and a 2 year old. It happens! I started early and I finished last. It’s always a fun time when she gets her friends

Shalyn :: Vintage Flying Museum Bridal :: POPography

When a bride approaches me with a concept that includes airplanes–you better know I am all about it! :D Funny story….Shalyn and I had booked the Vintage Flying Museum in Fort Worth, Tx

The POPcast with the POParazzi – Show #3

This is the third  official POPcast from the POParazzi! In this episode we discuss: Prioritizing what to book first when planning your wedding Picking a Venue / Lighting Outdoor vs. Indoor

How does the photographer pull off a wedding day? [VIDEO]

Hey guys! Just when you thought you had seen enough of Leaha doing videos— Here is yet another fun filled adventure! This was filmed last minute in the Fall. It is a brief look into the world

Tiana & Hunter Married :: Bridgeport, TX Lake Beach Wedding :: Popography

You have probably seen how I feel about Tiana in my blogpost about her Bridal session. Easy breezy is a great way to describe her. I’m guessing thats why she picked a waterfront view for her

From a Brides Perspective :: A Testimonial of Popography

As a photographer, it is important to me to not only deliver amazing photographs, but to develop amazing relationships. Sometimes I forget I am even working. There is no amount of sweat or hours that

The POPcast with the POParazzi – Show #2

This is the second official POPcast from the POParazzi! In this episode we discuss the bride and photographer relationship from beginning to end. The relationship between the photographer and the

Breakdown of Reflection Shot :: Dallas / Fort Worth Modern Wedding Photographer :: POPography

Every once in a while you pull off something last minute that ends up being pretty cool. This was one of those instances. The bride and groom pictured below (Shout out to Tiffany & Raul!) had

Tiana :: TWU Denton Tx Bridal Session :: POPography

As I sit and post these pictures I look back on how long I have known the beautiful, Tiana. She was just knee high to a grasshopper when I met her. Her mom, Staci, kept my daughter as a baby for

Tiffany & Raul :: Downtown Dallas, TX Cityplace Wedding :: Popography

Tiffany and Raul are all about each other. There love is so evident the minute you see them together. Raul wanted everything to go smoothly for his wife-to-be and Tiffany could melt you with her

The POPcast with the POParazzi – Show #1

This is the first official POPcast from the POParazzi! (Yes, we are a little crazy) In this episode we discuss scheduling, maximizing your photos, the importance of the engagement session, the

Ask the Photographer: What is in your bag?

I get this question a lot! What gear do you carry in your bag? What are your favorite lenses? How did you ever afford to buy all of this stuff? I will do my  best to answer these questions for you