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Pete and Repeat, maintaining a relationship with your clients.

We have all heard the little saying “Pete & Repeat”. We are often referring to a kid playing copy cat or maybe two sisters who are acting exactly the same. In this case, I am talking

Jessica & Curtis Married :: Bentwater Yacht Club Wedding :: Popography

It was over a year ago that I was invited to the home of Jessica and Curtis over at Southside on Lamar. They had just moved in together and were planning and plotting the perfect paint color for

Righton Family :: Fort Worth, TX Botanical Gardens :: Popography

This family gets the lifetime achievement photography award! They are super easy to photograph and keep giving me the fabulous experience of shooting their family photos every year! What a beautiful

Tiana & Hunter :: Fort Worth Botanical Gardens Engagement :: Popography

LOVE this sweet couple and their amazing family. Tiana is still a little girl in my eyes. I remember dropping my daughter off as a little baby to Tiana’s mom. They watched my daughter, Madison,

Breanna & Dennis :: Fort Worth Vintage Flying Museum Engagement :: Popography

Every once in a while you get a dream photo shoot…and everything is topped off with greatness when it comes with amazing people! I absolutely love this couple. Breanna and I met when I became

Brody & Family :: Harry S Moss 1 Yr Old / Family Session :: Popography

One of the coolest relationships I have made in my last 4 yrs of business are repeat clients. I treasure the relationships that are formed through my business. I always say I’m in the People

Sebastian & Family :: Irving Skatepark Family Session :: Popography

Skateboarding + Parents + Baby = Awesomeness! When Jackie, aka mom, contacted me and mentioned possibly doing a family session at the skatepark I was totally excited. Was she serious? Yes, she was!

Amanda & JP :: Austin, TX 6th Street Engagement :: Popography

Schedule, Reschedule, Set a time…no, reset the time…and reset it again. Thank goodness my clients are rad and flexible. I do declare! It is Fall and the sun is playing tricks on me

Our Trace Liam turns 2!

My, my, my how times flies. Some people look at my family and say….WOW, how do you have a such a young hubby, a 15 year old and a 2 year old? Believe me, the story is complicated and lengthy,

Meghan :: Boswell, TX High School Senior :: Popography

It was a family affair. The more the merrier I always say! This just means you have a fabulous group of people who love you! Meghan is the sweetest little thing ever. And I must add, what a great

Angelica & Giancarlo :: Highland Park / Uptown Dallas Engagement :: Popography

Looking back on a fabulous engagement last year! I wasn’t blogging at the time, but today is Angelica’s Birthday and I want to celebrate her awesomeness by remembering this fabulous day.

Penny & Kerry :: Carleen Bright Arboretum Wedding in Waco, TX :: Popography

It’s not very often that I get to a wedding and have never met the bride and groom. This was one of those situations. You would have never thought this was the situation. This was one of the

Emily :: Haltom City Quinceanera :: Popography

There are just certain people who come into your life and there is an automatic connection. I remember talking to Leticia, Emily’s mom, over the phone when we were discussing the big Quiceanera

Emily :: Fort Worth, TX Quinceanera Shoot :: Popography

I love celebrating any occasion. I recently teamed up with Shaye’s Decorations shooting Quinceanera’s. What a fabulous and fun time in a young girls life. Emily is no

Do you offer Albums for your clients?

Albums are the best book you will probably ever read. They tell the story of you! We custom design each album for our clients. Each album is made of premium leather and materials and personalized to

Rebecca :: Dallas Deep Ellum / Lee Park Bridal :: Popography

It’s hard to believe how fast time flies. I shot this bridal over 1 1/2 years ago. I’m trying to catch up on sessions of the past since my blog is still fairly new. Rebecca was one of my

The many lives of Leaha…..

I recently had someone say I was the most interesting person they had met. WHY? Was this a compliment? Confusion? :D haha They went on to explain that they were impressed by all the many things I

The POPcast with the POParazzi FAQ – Show #6

FAQ Podcast #6 In this podcast we will be answering questions that come in from our listeners! These are our favorite shows. Our goal with these podcasts is to help out other professionals and

Sabrina & Joey :: Tierra del Corazon Lubbock, TX :: Popography

Back in 2011 we had the privilege of shooting some of our very first weddings. It’s hard to believe that was over a year ago! Joey & Sabrina were madly in love and so much fun. They had us

How to create an experience worth remembering!

I’m sitting in the lobby of the dentist office browsing my facebook page and I look up and see a “Turn off all cell phones” sign by the door. I click the button to turn off the