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Playground Family Session :: New Jersey Lifestyle Photographer :: Popography

I love summer. I love this family. I love that they keep calling me to come and shoot with them again every year. Watching Sebastian grow has been so much fun! He is a fast mover and

Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts Wedding :: Persian Wedding :: Philadelphia, PA :: Popography

I think its safe to say that the Northeast has been really good to me! I had only been living in New Jersey for about 2 months when I got a invite to shoot a wedding in downtown Philadelphia at the

Stacy & Julian :: The Harbor at Rockwall Engagement :: Popography

Texas welcomed me with open arms after moving to New Jersey 3 months ago. Warm summer day filled with sunshine and friendly faces. Ahhh… Stacy & Julian are just plain awesome. We met up at

Marley :: Philly Graffiti Punk Senior Session :: Popography

You know those moments in your life or career where a single incedent changes the course of what is yet to come? ( ya, read that twice! ) THIS was one of those times. The home of Graffiti and

Marley :: Philly Punk Senior Session :: Popography

Ding Ding! Round 1- GO! This is a long story, but I will try and keep it brief. GOOD LUCK, Leaha! OK, back in the day I was part of a network of dance music folks. We were global and all shared a

Jennifer & Stephen :: New York City Central Park Engagement :: Popography

My dreams are coming true. That about sums it up. I’m in the city I love. I am shooting amazing brides. My life is AWESOME. She’s a 1st grade teacher; He’s a businessman.

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: Guest Blogger Carrie Ferris :: The Art of Newborn Photography

It’s that time again!! Another amazing photographer to be loved and featured! I have a confession to make. I am kind of a secret admirer of this lady’s work. For years now I have watched

Once a Bridesmaid; Always a Photographer

Yep! I was a bridesmaid; not a photographer. The girls were so welcoming as I was the only one coming from Texas to Louisiana! Such beautiful ladies and such a blast to hang out with. It

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: Guest Blogger Julian Navarette Photography :: Mastering the Artistic Edit

I feel like I am the Circus leader and I should stand up on a giant podium to introduce our guest blogger this week. Maybe I should start with “LADIES AND GENTLEMAN…!!” haha But

Using a Speed Light and Lightroom to create a dramatic image

MY SET UP I often get asked what I use to get a more dramatic images. Well, this is how I do it! :)  I love taking a off camera flash aka Speed Light with me on all sessions! I use a very cheap and

Look Who POP’d In :: Guest Blogger KRISTIN SHYLA :: Storytelling through photography and LOVE

Look who POP’d in! It’s Kristin Shyla! Oh you are all in for SUCH a treat.  She is so very precious. Not only does she carry a gift of photography, but she carries a passion for people.

Tristan Blaine :: New York City Musician Shoot :: Popography

I will say it again-this kid is AWESOME. He really knows what he wants not only in life but in his music career. I have had the pleasure of working with Tristan on several occasions. Our Deep Ellum

Breaking Copyright & Stealing Images – TRUE STORY :: Turning the other cheek :: Popography

We are often faced with circumstances that challenge everything within us. I had someone very close to me once tell me that I can purservere over any situation.I am putting my emotions aside and

Look who POP’d In :: Guest Blogger Erin McGregor :: Capturing the essence of your children

Facebook has really allowed me to make so many wonderful connections with other photographers. A lot of my inspiration comes from folks I have met on the internet, but never had the privilege of

Our house, our house… is a very very very fine house :: New Jersey Home Revealed :: Popography

The title to this blog makes it sound like our home is ridiculously amazing. ha! In reality, it is a home that we have tried to make our own with recycling things from our hold home. There were a few

How to plan a FUN Engagement Session

Engagements are seriously one of my FAVORITE things to shoot. Want to know why? It’s so exciting to meet a new couple who is madly in love. We get to dive into how they met and how their love

NYC Life Lessons :: New York City Photo Walk with Milad & Mom :: Popography

It was time to head out to the city! The Big Apple. My mom was so gracious to spend the first two weeks with us as we transitioned into living in New Jersey. Her grand finale was a trip to the city.

The Small Moments :: New Jersey Lifestyle Photography

iPods. Skype. Firetrucks. Snacks. Giggles. My day was once filled with emails, phone calls and constant editing. Now it is filled with space and playtime. I knew this would change in a big way when I

Hunter :: Chico, TX High School Sports Senior Session :: Popography

Hunter….shy, full of smiles and highly talented. We hit up the small town of Chico! I love the idea of being to shoot just about anywhere you want and no one will bother you. You can run down

How do I use PASS?

Do you still have dinosaurs in your house? You know cassette tapes, VCR player and soon to be added- CD & DVD’s? In our home we consider these items vintage! They aren’t being used