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DIY Wedding Tips :: Bride to Bride :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Many brides are saying “no” to coordinators and YES to “Doing it Yourself” aka DIY weddings. I admire these brides. In a Pinterest inspired world it can be very overwhelming

A few of my favorite things :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

I’m having my Oprah moment! This has absolutely nothing to do with being a photographer. It’s all about being a GIRL! I wanted to share with you what some of my SUPER FAVORITE things are

Modern Beauty Party :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Modern Beauty shoots are just plain fabulous! When is the last time, as a woman, you have stopped and enjoyed yourself? Appreciated yourself? Just took a minute to breathe in your beauty? I am going

Tips on creating unique wedding ring shots :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Creative wedding ring shots are almost expected on wedding day. Often times we are in such a hurry to get everything done on a wedding day that we rush through the details. But we must remember that

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Recipe

On my new adventure of eating clean and making sure my family is healthier through more nutritious food….WHEW, that was a mouthful! (Pun intended) I am finding all sorts of fun recipes to try.

What should the Groom bring on wedding day? :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Girls have been planning this day for centuries. Guys are the complete opposite! Girls know the importance of details. The dress, jewelry, shoes and even something as simple as a manicure! Guys on

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: GUEST BLOGGER Sonia Still :: DFW Hair & Makeup Artist

You’re in a for a real treat! Sonia is tiny, talented and a super amazing artist! I have had the privilege of working with this talented young lady over the last three years. It has been

Awesome Moments of 2013 :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

What a year!!! We love to look back on all of the weddings and sessions we shared with our clients this year. There were smiles, cries, bursts of joy, sentimental moments, “What in the

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: Guest Blogger KEITH POWELL :: Southwest Arkansas Senior Photographer

The internet is the coolest place! It is such a rad experience to meet amazing people in your field. Keith is an online friend who I will finally meet in February! SO EXCITED! I love watching his

Behind the Scenes 2013

What a whirlwind of a year! 2013 was full of amazing weddings and amazing clients! Shooting both Texas and the Northeast was a BLAST! We can’t imagine what 2014 will hold. Thank you to everyone

Taking control back :: Clean Eating

This year was all about letting go and at the same time taking control. Leaving Texas for New Jersey was the scariest and the most exciting thing all wrapped up into one BIG decision. Sometimes the

How to take a photo with Christmas lights

This is probably the 3rd most popular question I get asked around the holiday season. I know many of you own a nice dslr camera and want to get a great photo of your favorite pet or children in front

The ALL NEW POPography :: Website/Blog/Promo Video :: New Jersey Wedding Photographers

Moving from Texas to New Jersey was probably one of the biggest and greatest decisions. It has been a faith filled journey of dreaming and hoping for something greater as a family, as a person and as

Hayley & Daniel :: New York City Engagement :: Popography

Adventurous. Down to earth. Spectacular. You can only imagine the excitement that flooded our minds when this amazing couple decided to fly from Texas to NYC  to shoot their engagement photos! We

Philly Waterworks Wedding :: Philadelphia, PA Wedding Photographer :: Popography

It is an honor and pleasure to be asked to 2nd shoot weddings. I love supporting other photographers and their craft. Seeing new cities, meeting new people and learning to see the wedding day through

Dayle & John :: Intergalactic Themed / Fall Engagement :: New Jersey

Being a photographer in New Jersey in the Fall is AWESOME! It is absolutely stunning this time of year! We started off our adventure in Paterson, NJ with the gritty streets and urban feel. We then

Stacy & Julian :: Football Inspired Wedding :: Texas Wedding Photographer :: Popography

Stacy & Julian are just AWESOME. Down to earth. Funtastic. Stunning. We were honored to share in their fabulous wedding day. They have a love for the Dallas Cowboys and we wanted to highlight

Tristan Blaine :: Music Artist Promotional Shoot :: Popography

Tristan Blaine is a reoccurring appearance on this blog. :) His music is changing and so is his look. I absolutely love working with him. He knows how to work the camera and really works the mic! I

Kaity Floyd :: Music Artist Promotional Shoot :: POPography

It was a complete honor to shoot with the very talented Kaity Floyd. Genuine. Talented. Strong. Beautiful. We are excited to see where your music career takes you! Best of everything to you!

Will & Nina :: Texas Country Bride & Groom After Session :: POPography

It is always an honor to shoot someones wedding. It is just plain fun when you are asked to do an “After Session”. After sessions are when the bride and groom get dressed up in their