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Sarah + Greg :: Turtle Creek & Klyde Warren Park Engagement :: DFW Wedding Photographer

He’s quirky and fun with an eye for his sweet southern belle. She’s classy and sweet and fits perfectly in his arms. These two are a beautiful site to see. It was amazing how they just

Megan + Jason :: St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church :: DFW Wedding Photographer

Jason and Megan are very dear to us. Single happiest couple I have ever encountered. She is absolutely goo-goo for him and he can’t keep his eyes off of her. We were thrilled when they decided

KJ + Rob :: Seashells and Stripes Styled Beach Wedding :: Santa Barbara, CA

Sunny California never looked so pretty. Attending United was such a great experience for Jeffrey and myself. We met amazing photographers, created new relationships and got to shoot beautiful

Sunset Beach Styled Post Wedding Session :: Santa Barbara, CA

Sunny California is always a fun place to shoot. We were lucky to travel to the sunny state and attend United! It was nice to leave the cold Northeast and hit the beach every morning and evening for

Brittany + Ryan :: California Beach Engagement

Oh holy gorgeousness! California never fails to have amazing views, amazing people and lasting memories. Santa Barbara is beautiful and it was super awesome to spend the week at  United with fellow

GUEST BLOGGER Yolandi Jacobsz :: Boudoir Photography Celebrating Women

Yolandi is a special artist and so eloquently tells the story of women through her photography. I was surprised to be approached by her online to be a guest blogger. I immediately was intrigued by

Gold, Peach and Pink Vintage Inspired Wedding

What a beautiful day with beautiful people. It was an absolute honor to head to South New Jersey to support our photographer friends- LuRey Photography and our video friends- Be Films! They have been

Our 1st Year in New Jersey

When I start this post it reminds of the Dr. Suess book “Oh the places you will go”. It happens to be one of my favorite books of all time. “You’re off to Great Places! Today is

Sara + Chris :: Sunset Beach Engagement :: Santa Barbara, CA

Leaving the cold North East and arriving in the beautiful, sunny Santa Barbara was like a  dream. Jeffrey and myself were very excited to attend the UNITED conference.  There were so many beautiful

My baby turns 17! Happy Birthday Madison

It was literally just like yesterday that I was told at the ripe age of 16 I would be a mom. What most people would think is one of the worst things that could happen to a young girl- it was quite

Tips for picking the perfect Wedding Venue :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Congratulations! You are engaged!! All eyes are on you as you embark on the most memorable journey of your life. You have the ring. You have the man. Now you have to plan a wedding? WHERE does one

Christina & Dan :: New York City Engagement :: POPography

She is stylish and beautiful with only eyes for him. He is intelligent and looks at her like she’s the only one in the city. Shooting an engagement in New York City is always a dream, again and

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: GUEST BLOGGER Russ McMinn :: DFW Branding / Web Design / Graphic Designer

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no its Clark Kent’s look-alike! Yes, he is just as talented and smart as he appears. Russ is one of the most genuine folks in the industry I have ran into.

Being aware of the Camera on Wedding Day :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

It has finally arrived- your wedding day. The happy chaos has ensued. Your wedding photographers show up and introduce themselves to the wedding party. Your hair is getting done and your make up is

Planning an out of State Wedding or Destination Wedding :: Bride to Bride :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Planning an out of state wedding is a task that many brides are daring to do these days! Guess who else did this? ME!! I planned my NYC wedding all on my own all the way from Texas. I had never seen

Wedding Send Off and Grand Exit Ideas :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Throwing rice is a thing of the past! Couples are now looking for new fun and creative ways to create dynamic moments on their wedding day. The beautiful thing is that its YOUR day and you can

Interacting with Clients and acheiving Authentic Photos :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Dear POPography,  What tips do you have for interacting with your clients to make them feel more comfortable? – Leanne   Know your stuff– It is important to know your camera, know

How to Maximize your Wedding Budget :: Bride to Bride :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Dear Bride, When you first are engaged everything is so very exciting.  You’re showing off your ring and pinning Pinterest inspired things every other minute of the day.  But eventually reality comes

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: Guest Blogger JEFF BOURGEOIS :: Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

Everyone welcome my hubby, Jeffrey! He amazes me with what he can do with his iPhone and Instagram! Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts babe! Love you!   If someone asked me what the most

Zero Marketing :: How to generate business with no money! :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Zero Marketing is when a business generates all of its sales from “word of mouth” and  little effort is needed to sustain a successful business. Sounds like a dream, huh?! My friends are