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Melisa + Justin :: Dallas Turtle Creek Engagement

It was hot, steamy and full of love. Welcome to Texas and everyone meet Melisa & Justin! Turtle Creek was the perfect backdrop for this sweet couple. They braved the heat and the bugs for this

Sarah + Greg :: City Place Wedding :: Dallas, TX

Classic. Elegant. Exquisite. This was one GORGEOUS wedding! It was a beautiful and very hot day in Texas. Coming from a much cooler New Jersey, we had to really learn to adjust to the heat! Sarah was

2 of my Favorite Things

It’s no secret. If you follow my Instagram or my Facebook you know I am a huge of two things: Kate Spade & Champagne. My husband is almost expectant that I will buy a Kate Spade product

Danica + Milton :: New York City Engagement

It was a year and a half ago that Milton and Danica landed in our path. We were in New Jersey on a “Look and See” visit to look for a home. We were invited to a party where these two were

Duran Family :: Madison, NJ Maternity Session

It’s not very often that I shoot bellies, but when I do its so much fun! This is one of the most joyous of all occasions and its such a blessing to be a part of. I was connected with this

Wedding in the Woods :: Styled Shoot

Moving to New Jersey from Texas was quite a change, but it has be so much fun growing the Shoot & Share Community! We are so honored to surround ourselves with such fabulous people who want to

Business Tip :: How to Create Canned Email Responses with Gmail

Dear Photographer, After being a small business owner for over 6 years, I have come to the conclusion that my TIME is worth a lot. How do you value your time? I love to spend time with my son during

HoldFast Money Maker + ONA Bowery :: Photographer Leather Camera Strap System

Dear Photographers, My search for the ultimate camera rig is complete. You name it… I tried it.  OEM strap, BlackRapid strap, ShootSac, Hand Grips.  Each one had some cons for me and was not

Regina + Jeff :: New Hope, Pennsylvania Engagement

Down to Earth. Intelligent. So in love. These two are just adorable. Jeffrey and I made the hike to the cute town of New Hope, Pennsylvania. Shops, restaurants, tourist, locals…they all come

Booking an Out of State “Destination” Wedding Photographer :: Bride to Bride

Dear Bride, I would love to share my thoughts and process for selecting our photographers, Jeff & Leaha, and why we chose to fly them cross-country from New Jersey to sunny San Diego, California!

Dayle + John :: Asbury Park Wedding

Quirky. Fun. Sensitive. Christ-like. Dayle and John are the sweetest people.  I got a sneak peak into their awesomeness on their very unique and fun engagement session. I knew their wedding was going

5 Wise Wedding Day Tips :: Bride to Bride

Dear Bride, Man meets woman…they fall in love…he puts a ring on it! Marrying the love of your life is a magical day! I remember wondering what type of man my soul mate would be, how was

Sunset Beach Tutu Shoot :: Santa Barbara, CA

Every once in a while a girl gets to take off the yoga pants and put on a big fluffy tutu! It was a magical fun time. The humidity made my hair go wild and the tutu was soaking wet, but all in all- I

GUEST BLOGGER Jennefer Wilson :: Using Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

This lady is incredible. Her spirit radiates so bright. And she is from my home state, Texas! Jennefer is a very talented photographer and an outstanding person. I remember attending the United

Megan + Mario :: Vintage Car Engagement

The “Most Adorable Couple” award goes to Megan and Mario. My goodness these two are greatness! We literally met for the first time on our engagement shoot with them. It took all of 15

Mindy + Tony :: Hotel del Coronado Post Wedding Session :: Part Three

It was that dreaded moment when you realize you have to walk to your bride and groom’s suite to tell them goodbye. Destination weddings are so great for so many reasons. The fact that someone

Mindy + Tony :: Lafayette Hotel California Wedding :: Part Two

If Part One of this fabulous wedding had you excited, wait until you see part two! Let me rave about this couple once again. Not only were they awesome enough to fly us to California from New Jersey,

Mindy + Tony :: Lafayette Hotel California Wedding :: Part One

A few years ago we were shooting a fabulous wedding deep the in the heart of Texas and met the sweetest couple while working. This is how Mindy & Tony entered our lives. They had flown in from

Alex + Josh :: Hotel del Coronado Engagement

After being a New Jersey photographer for a year, I finally grew accustom to the cold weather. Then I got the privilege to fly to Southern California to shoot for a weekend and I just knew it would

GUEST BLOGGER Denisse Benitez :: Fine Art & Portait Photography

Being a New Jersey photographer now has been such an eye opening experience and blessing. I prayed before I tracked all the way from Texas. I prayed that God would place people in my life that fit my