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NYC Elopement Wedding :: Jen + James

We have a soft spot in our heart for New York City elopements because once upon a time that is what we did! Something magical happens when everyone attends an out of state wedding. Maybe it’s because they all made a choice to not only attend the wedding, but they also booked flights, made big plans, and really committed to celebrating the marriage of the happy couple. Everyone is fully present and there for the right reasons and you can just feel it! MAGIC! Jen and James are friends of ours from the good old days when we would dance until the sun came up in our home city of Dallas. These two have techno running through their veins and if you’re in North Texas, you can find them DJ’ing together. How rad and romantic is that?! Their wedding was a direct reflection of how fun they are as a couple. Jen opted for a black wedding dress that caught the eyes of onlookers as we ran through the streets of NYC. Everywhere we went you would hear people shout out, “Congratulations!”. And one woman even stopped to take her own photo and compliment Jen on picking a non-white wedding dress. We made our way across town to the Brooklyn Bridge where the daily runners and bikers mixed among the tourists as the sun beat down on all of us. It was a roasty, toasty day in the city, but that didn’t stop us! Jen and James had mad hookups for this wedding day and we were lucky enough to get roof access to the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Midtown! We felt so covert op as we were guided through the back hallways and up secret flights of stairs. It was definitely one of the highlights of the day and we are so grateful to have gained access to such a cool spot! Pershing Square and Grand Central Terminal were among the “must have” locations as they are both super special to the newlyweds. Time was running short, so we hopped into an uber and made the long haul to the Northwest side of Central Park towards Summit Rock. After 2.5 hours of shooting, walking, and battling the heat, the air-conditioned 40 min drive up the island meant time for rest. James took full advantage of this little hike and slept the entire way to the ceremony! HA! He was fully refreshed when he rose from his slumber and ready to get married! We can honestly say that is the first time a groom has slept on the actual wedding day. :D Their guests were waiting at Summit Rock as the trumpet player lulled everyone with his jazzy melodies. It was romantic, intimate, thoughtful, and one of a kind. What could make this any cooler? If the trumpeter escorts you through the streets, plays his trumpet and serenades your first dance on the subway platform. Yes, it was awesome! And then he jumped on the subway and played all the way to Tribeca! There really aren’t words to describe it…just awesome!

Everyone gathered for a late lunch at Thalassa and an intimate celebration. The floor was opened to anyone who wanted to toast the lovebirds and boy were they a hoot! So many kind words, memories, and love were showered over the couple. It was the perfect cherry on top of the best day. Later that night they all gathered to enjoy a celebration on the dancefloor with all of their friends Dj’ing in celebration in a warehouse. It just doesn’t get cooler than this, folks.

We are so stoked for Jen and James. Wishing you all the best on your new adventures and thank you for letting us tell the beginning of your epic love story!


Leaha + Jeffrey



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Cheers to all the vendors who made this wedding fabulous!

Ceremony: Summit Rock

Bride’s Gown: Adrianna Pappell

Floral: Starbright Floral Design

Trumpet Player: Eganam K. Segbefia, Youtube Video

Reception: Thalassa 

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