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My Baby, Madison Lindly Graduation Photos :: Deep Ellum Arts District


If you know me, you know I took the longer, harder road to get where I am. Challenges were presented and perseverance got me through some of the craziest of times. My daughter is no different. She is after all said to be “a lot like me”. Strong, opinionated, compassionate, stubborn and willing to walk the path she chooses. I give Madison kudos for taking life head on. Being 18 is not the easiest time in a kid’s life, but it is the time where shit hits the fan, things may go a little bonkers, but hopefully in the end it all makes sense. Her testimony is just as strong as her smile. I’m very proud of her for receiving her High School Diploma. I don’t care how you get your education. It’s important. I also don’t care how long it takes you. Just do it! And this my friends- she did. Now she is looking towards a future that is wide open and full of possibilities. I am very proud of her for overcoming what could have been devastation.

Parents- never give up on your kids. We are made to believe that there is a certain path of life that everyone should take. 4 years of high school, walk across a stage, enroll in college immediately, pay thousands of dollars towards their dreaded debt…but guess what- that’s just not how it works out for every kid. Watching Madison go through the dark times and come out on the other end smarter, more compassionate and confident was worth the road less traveled. Love your children, celebrate their successes and let them create their story. Perfectly imperfect story.

Today I celebrate Madison, my first born. I am very proud of you young lady. This is just the beginning of the rest of your life and many roads will lie ahead. Keep God in the forefront of all you do and know that we, as your family are always here. Cheers to the next chapter!


Mom, Dad & Trace

Hair & Makeup by: Sonia Sierra

Assistance by: Jessica Rambo



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CraignStephanie Sampler -

Love it!!!! Congratulations

Michele Ashley -

I agree- never give up on them. What a beautiful young woman, Leaha!

Melissa Magers Wright -

Beautiful!!! Way to go Madi!!

Jack McLean -

Very cool.

Mary Looney -

Congratulations pretty girl. Love you

Melissa Coetzee -

Love them !!!

Maria Guerriero Worbetz -

Congradulations Madison! Man Leah she looks so much like you!

Susan Caldarera Duhe -

she is beautiful!! Congrats Madison!!

Kimberly Mclaughlin-Mcqueen -

Beautiful!!!! Congrats to Madi!

Shirley Cagle Bossbach -

Congratulations, Madi. I still think of you often and say a prayer for you!

Denise Tripino Boe -

Congratulations!!!! And great pics… Of course! Love yall

Ginger Cheney Allen -

She’s a beauty and a heartbreaker, praying everything works out for all you and dreams come true~`!

Patty D. Bourgeois -

Great pics – I hadn’t seen before – are these in pass menu?