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Minerals Hotel Wedding :: Allie + Rob

It was a bright, sunny day at Crystal Springs Resort where the wedding day for Allie and Rob would start. The girls were bustling around in their floral robes as they prepared for the big day. The dress was being steamed, the flowers delivered, and the girls were in the kitchen as they all compared their Spanx undergarments for the day. :) HA! Gotta love weddings! Allie had reached out before the wedding and reminded me that she really wanted to pop a bottle of champagne. I never turn down a good champagne pop! The girls gathered on the outdoor patio and I put my back against the wall as far back as I could and prompted the girls on how to make the bottle spray. I thought I was prepared and I think they thought they were, too, but alas none of us were. A huge team scream was let out as we were all startled and I was completely soaked in bubbles. Not a bad day to be a photographer, I suppose! Down the way, the guys were having their own version of fun after opening a gift from the couple. They were all gifted a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and had officially been “ICED“. The guys were completely surprised when they opened up their gifts and immediately popped the drinks open and started chugging. These are getting popular at weddings and we think they are pretty darn funny! We all got a good laugh when Allie opened one of her presents from Rob only to find out she had bought the exact same Kate Spade shoes for herself prior to the wedding! Great minds think alike! It was time for the two lovebirds to see each other so we all headed downstairs to go outside. Grandpa had his lap full of bags as he sat in his wheelchair and waited for the elevator.

Allie headed outdoors and through the pool where vacationers were enjoying a super sunny day by the water. Allie walked through the pool area while they slept in their swimwear and enjoyed those last few days of summer. They enjoyed seeing her as much as she did them! It was time for Allie and Rob to see each other for the first time and it was so cute! They were so happy to finally see each other and start the day together. We spent some time running around the grounds of Grand Cascades before we packed up for Minerals Hotel where the ceremony would take place. The sun was starting to fall behind the trees as the guests were being seated. The ceremony was intimate and sweet filled with little glances and adorable faces. The sunkissed the backs of their heads just as the final prayer was being said and the minister laid her hands on their heads. These two were married and it was time to party the night away. The reception was held in a romantic string lit pavilion at the bottom of the hill where the guests would party the night away and soak in the last days of summer. They had the best band to help them keep the night alive- The Silver Arrow Band. The toasts kept everyone laughing and I think there were even a couple of facepalms. :D The night never had a dull moment between the wild dancing and the unforeseen cake smash in the brides face by Rob. These two kept surprising us with their awesomeness. The dancefloor was full of insane dancing, epic sweating, and we have the photos to prove it! A sparkler exit was the perfect way to end a beautiful day.

This wedding was full of hundreds of tiny, beautiful moments that add up to one spectacular wedding. We are so grateful that Allie, Rob, and their families opened up to us and allowed us to tell such an honest story of their wedding day. We are so very happy for you all and wishing you ALL the best.


Leaha + Jeffrey

Thank you to Krystal Pratt for assisting and shooting alongside us.



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Thank you to all of the amazing vendors who made this wedding unforgettable.

Preparation Venue: Grand Cascades Lodge

Ceremony: Minerals Hotel

Hair & Makeup: Shirley Alonzo

Hair Piece: Aaraa Hoboken

Florals: Petals Florist

Cake Artist: Palermo’s

Entertainment: Silver Arrow Band

Wedding Film: Kristen Kiraly Films

Bridal Gown: Paloma Blanca

Bridesmaid Dresses: Hayley Paige

Groom’s Tux: Enzo Custom



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