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Lake Hopatcong Engagement :: Jessica + Eric

I’m always super stoked when someone says they would like to come to our neck of the woods to shoot. I get to serve champagne and do a little mini hosting in my home, too! We are located right next to Lake Hopatcong here in North Jersey. The weather has cooled down for August making it super fun to be outdoors. Jessica and Eric are the most kind and generous souls you have ever met. Their smiles light up any room they are in and their spirit for life is infectious. Both of these cuties are teachers at a boarding school in Massachusetts where they live on campus and enjoy the teacher life together. They made their way to New Jersey for an action packed week with family and friends and we were so excited they were able to carve out some time for us! The minute they arrived we were greeted with huge smiles and epic hugs. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather and more beautiful locations. So, I am always on the hunt for new places to shoot and when Jessica said they wanted something in nature and no one around watching- the big hunt began. It was fun driving to and from locations because we got some serious bonding time in the car ride. We joked that it was like that old tv show “Taxi Cab Confessions” as I gushed about some of my deepest ideals and photographer stories. HA! This just drives home my thoughts on engagement photography. (see what I did there?) It is so important to hang out together for an hour or so and really get to know each other. I get to see your love and you get to see my crazy! In the end, everyone becomes friends and beautiful photos are made. These two were up for an adventure and that is what they got. The second location was right off of the lake and I happened upon it when Trace and I went to watch the solar eclipse last week. A rocky bridge holding the road up above had a tiny little stream running through the tunnel. Once you looked past the smashed televisions and random trash, you could see this was a cool little hideaway perfect for shooting. We trekked through the mud and I may have dipped my toes in the water, but it was all worth it in the end. To round things off, we went back to our home and ended the last of the photos by the lake. What a fantastic day and couple. Jessica and Eric are phenomenal people and we are so honored they chose us to tell their love story.




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