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How to plan a FUN Engagement Session

Engagements are seriously one of my FAVORITE things to shoot. Want to know why? It’s so exciting to meet a new couple who is madly in love. We get to dive into how they met and how their love began. Somewhere in all of their stories it reminds me of how much I love my husband. :) This is the perfect opportunity for me and the couple to get to know each other. Sometimes we start off at a restaurant or bar so we can just chat and get to know each other. We want to feel like old friends when we show up on wedding day! This is a great way for you to get comfortable in front of the camera and get to know us at the same time. The photos are used to get your website ready and for your event card on wedding day.! Engagements are just too much fun. You’re so in love and everyone has their eyes on you! So, let’s showcase your love in a unique way!

Here are some tips on how to get fantastic engagement photos!

Timing– Our brides like to use their website and engagement photos on their Save the Dates. It is important to have your engagement photos done at least 6 months in advance so you have time to send those out! We typically pick a date as soon as the bride and groom choose POPography as their photographer.

Location– A lot of brides stress over location. No Stress!! It is good to think of the places you first met, your favorite hang out, the areas you tend to shop or places you think represent you! Locations can really tailor the session to be unique to you and your fiancé. Some of our favorites were at the football field, at a burger shop, a local bar and the Vintage Flying Museum. We will brainstorm all of your ideas and come up with something that is so “you”!

Locations & Ideas we want to shoot in the future

  • Central Park
  • Carnival
  • In Your Home
  • Theme Park
  • Night Time Shoot

Outfits– 1 Casual; 1 Dressy  We like to start off with casual clothing and work our way into something fancier. Often my brides will text me photos of their outfits. It’s fun to start building your session together! Pick a color palette of 3-4 colors and have fun!

  • SAY YES TO- Jeans, Cute Dresses, Layers, Accessories, Natural Look, Bright Colors
  • SAY NO TO- Flip flops, Baggy Clothes, Ripped Jeans, Matchy-Matchy, White Shirts, Logos, Graphic Shirts

Props– Bringing something personal to you is always a plus. Your favorite books, his love letters to you or maybe something unique you both share in common. The possibilities are endless. Be creative and bring whatever your heart desires!

Hair & Makeup– You only feel as good as you look! You only get to do this once and you deserve to feel amazing! Take care of yourself and get your hair and make up done! Scientific fact: false eyelashes improve self-esteem by 78-100%! Plan ahead and glam yourself up for you sweet man! I promise you won’t regret it!

Time of Day– This will mostly be determined by your location ideas. For instance, if you want to shoot in a field with romantic lighting, you would want to shoot the last 2 hrs of the day to get the warm dreamy light. Maybe you want to do a city shoot that is more journalistic style. You would most likely shoot during the middle of the day to really get gorgeous light around the tall buildings. Engagements usually last up to 2 hrs, so we will plan accordingly!

Advice from me to you– I can almost bet you have looked at other engagement sessions and loved the photos. You have probably looked at Pinterest for ideas. Stop and think. Think about you and your fiancé. Think about your story and your love. It’s not about posing and the perfect location…it’s about being you! I just get the privilege of showing off your love through images :)




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