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How does the photographer pull off a wedding day? [VIDEO]

Hey guys! Just when you thought you had seen enough of Leaha doing videos— Here is yet another fun filled adventure!

This was filmed last minute in the Fall. It is a brief look into the world of me shooting wedding photography. I talk my way through setting up shots, what I believe is important and the workflow of my day. Weddings are often referred to as “beasts”. I would have to agree. They are the best beasts I have ever encountered. I love my job and I love not knowing what each wedding day will bring. It keeps me on my toes and allows me to be the creative that I am. I hope you enjoy the craziness we call POPography as we talk our way through the wedding day.

*The beginning of the day was not filmed (My time with the bride mostly)

Happy Watching!

Feel free to leave your comments or questions. We will be answering all of these in our POPCAST! To subscribe look on the right side of your screen!–>




To see all the photos from the wedding day: Katy & Davin’s Website


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Alana D'Elia -

I loved this video! I haven’t shot a wedding — I mainly do food products for work… anyway, really awesome to see how it happens!

Anna Marisol Padilla -

I randomly found this posting for a FB group. I really enjoyed your wedding, what a great help!