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How do I use PASS?

Do you still have dinosaurs in your house? You know cassette tapes, VCR player and soon to be added- CD & DVD’s? In our home we consider these items vintage! They aren’t being used but by golly, they will stay in a box for our children to see! Change is hard, but necessary. And just like you remember putting your new CD in your boombox for the first time…you will be equally excited to work out of the Clouds!

Bye Bye Discs ;  Hello Clouds!

HERE IS THE DEAL: I love to shoot and you love to share! This is why I choose PASS. I want everyone to see your photos! When sharing through PASS it properly credits me as your photographer, links others to your collection of images and allows for a beautiful presentation of your pretty face! Being able to Pin on Pinterest, Share on Facebook and download easily is AWESOME. Even more awesome is that you know it is credited properly and your images are displayed in the best way possible!

THE DISC: Have you ever gotten photos on a disc? What a pain! The files are usually large and take forever to copy over to your computer. Many times the computer will freeze up and you will need to start over. How about misplacing the DVD or scratching it and needing an extra copy? Ugh! My new Macbook doesn’t even come with a disc drive! Embrace the future and realize that you probably would rather see it on your phone, download it and pass it to your friends on Facebook. WE AGREE!

PASS is the future. PASS is NOW!

It is a way for you (the client) to have your photos safe in the CLOUD forever, SHARE online and available on ALL of your devices! 

WHO: All POPography clients get PASS!

WHAT: Application that allows you to have all of your images stored safely in the cloud and on all of  your devices.

HOW LONG: Each client gets 1 year from their shoot date and can upgrade to 5 years. Your photos are stored for ETERNITY in the clouds. So, lets say in 2020 you want access your photos again–you can do that!

WHERE: You are given your own web link where you can access your photos, share and download at your convenience.

WHY: Because you are cool and on the cutting edge :)

I can’t wait to shoot and share with YOU!



SEE a PASS gallery ——->Dennis & Breanna’s PASS Gallery




LOOK how pretty the layout is! It really tells your story in a beautiful way.

 With one click you can FACEBOOK, FAVORITE, PIN or SHARE!

Your session is categorized and easy to browse! There is also a DOWNLOAD ALL button and FAVORITES! Guests can sign the guestbook and you will be notified via Facebook! Very soon you will be able to PRINT and have your images land on your doorstep! All of of this from the comfort of your home or phone!

Simple Login & Easy Download!



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