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Hoboken Engagement :: Allie + Rob


Oh, happy day! Allie and Rob are quite possibly the sweetest couples ever. I loved their engagement story. Rob wanted to propose to her after a long hike up the mountain. It was no small hike and it was super crowded. So, instead, he decided to hold onto the ring until they made it back to the bottom and hopefully scout out a location that was perfect to ask for her hand. 7 1/2 miles later, dehydrated and exhausted- Rob popped the question! Covered in sweat and exhausted- Allie was still the happiest girl on the trails. She said YES! Unfortunately, her hands were swollen from hiking for hours and hours- so the ring would have to fit later. :)

It was a gorgeous Fall day in Hoboken where we met up at a corner bar to grab a drink. The sun was shining and we were all enjoying being outside to enjoy the cooler temperatures and blue skies. These two cuties were referred to us by way of another amazing couple. Dave, one of our former grooms, is a Physical Therapist and Allie went to school with him! Love how our couples find us through friends of friends. We have the best jobs ever! We shot on the edge of the Hudson River to get things started. The view from Hoboken is stunning and never gets old for this Texas girl. They were super excited to get me on the NY Waterway Taxi for a solid 6 minutes. The last time I rode on the water taxi- I was so nauseated. Me and boats- don’t mix. HAHA But the views are incredible, the wind is in your hair, and it is a rush! I’m so glad we took the ferry over and yes, if you really wanted to know what happened… I was really nauseated and had wiggly legs. I decided to drink some water and wait it out before heading back to New Jersey. :)

Thank you for the great adventure Allie and Rob! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!





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