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Heather & Davin :: Sweet Love Anniversary Session :: Popography

It’s been 10 years. Ten glorious years…without photos! GAH!

It’s only right that I be the first to shoot this amazing couples photos. I adore them. Davin has been my friend for most of my adult life. So positive and supportive. I didn’t think there was another person out there like him until I met Heather. Boy was I wrong! What a fantastic woman. I feel like we are a lot a like in ways, but yet completely opposite side of the spectrum. I feel like I grow every time I hang out with these two. They have a zest for life that is addicting. You just want to talk and hang out forever! It’s so true!

I am so happy that you finally have photos of your beautiful selves! I am honored to be in  your life and love you both very much. *HIGH FIVE* on 10 years!




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See the mini session here–> Davin & Heather


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Heather Goolsby -

Yay!! These are awesome and you did a fantastic job capturing us… Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and gift! We love you bunches!

Davin Brown -

Best. Photos. EVER!

Ashleigh Jones -

Congrats you two love you bunches! These pictures are fabulous! xoxoxo

Amy Sparks -

Great photos of wonderful friends!

Farah Gee Sears -

Love, love, love! Beautiful….Love you guys!

Kathy Haff -

Beautiful photos of two beautiful people.

Bobby Carreon -

I’m all packed and ready .

Jennifer Hanes -

Great pictures! Both of y’all are looking good. Congrats!

Billie Haeberle Layman -

Beautiful pics

Arline Killian -

These are so beautiful.

Jay Pluff -

These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing these, Heather is usually taking the great pictures, it’s nice to see you both together and for 10 years, that is beautiful! Love and miss you both, Aunt Jay Pluff.