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Digital Rights – What can I do with my photos?

It’s a digital world. Let’s face it head on- even my 2 yr old can work an iPad like a pro. Digital images are almost expected as an option from clients. I totally get that. I have collections and packages that allow for clients to own the digital images and personal print rights. My clients really enjoy having the option to own a digital copy of their entire wedding day or session. Sometimes this can be a touchy topic for photographers and their clients. I think its best to have a clear understanding. Many times clients may do something with their photos that upset the photographer. I do not think this is on purpose. It is probably because they simply were not educated on the proper etiquette of owning digital images. So, let’s get into this!

The big question is- What can I do with my digital images?

  • BACK YOUR IMAGES UP– I deliver my images through a download link. Therefore, the client should download the photos and back them up on a thumb drive, external hard drive, DVD, CD or Cloud. After the images are delivered it is the clients responsibility to make sure their photos are stored safely. We suggest storing in two different places incase of natural disaster or and accident.
  • FACEBOOK– We understand you want to share your images with family and friends. If you choose to share your photos on Facebook please make sure that you properly credit each individual photo with  We suggest only uploading your top 5 images. Facebook owns the unwatermarked photo as soon as you upload and anyone can easily download the image. You can always link people to your blog post or use the sneak peak images that we post the day of your session.
  • INSTAGRAM– We all know Instagram is all the rage. I love Instagram, too! I try to use my iPhone for Instagram. Every once in a while I will post an edited professional image to promote a blog post. I love that my clients want to show off their photos! Sharing on Instagram is completely fine for a photo or two. BUT, remember this is a copyrighted image and you should credit to and only upload your ultra favorite photo :) NO changes, crop, edits or filters are allowed on any photos.
  • EDITING– I spend a great deal of time fine tuning every image. I take care of color corrections, bulges, skin problems and distracting elements in the photo. If my client isn’t happy with a particular photo they are more than welcome to let me know so I can make adjustments for the final image. It is NOT ok to edit the photo on your own or change the photo in any way.  TIP: Make sure when you hire your photographer that you like their style of editing! :D
  • PRINT COPYRIGHT– When given the digital images you are given the rights to print. You can take your favorite images to the printer of your choice and print for your own personal use. These images are still copyright to the photographer and no cropping or editing should be done to the image. You can however print for your own use or for gifting. Please do not share the digital images with other family and friends. The photographer and the client are the only folks who can have copies of these digital images and rights to print.


**We suggest Costco, or Target for local printing.


Photographers should understand clients want to share their photos and promote your great work!

Clients should understand that this is someones art and respect the sharing boundaries that each photographer sets.

Technology is changing so fast and its hard for all of us to keep up with the etiquette of online sharing and posting. I base my business on relationships and it means the world to me that my clients respect my work and I will respect their love for sharing. Keep the communication open and if you ever second guess if you should be doing something with your images- just ask!




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Chandi Warner -

Great information!

Jeffrey Bourgeois -

Indeed. Great info that needs to be shared.