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Deaton Family :: Downtown Grapevine Family Session :: POPography

There is something special between a daddy and his kids. Chaz rounded the corner in downtown Grapevine with two kids in hand. The cold front had just rolled in and the temperatures dropped. The kids were determined to tough out the cold temps and wear no jackets and I was ready to shoot as fast as I could! Being in downtown Grapevine means you get to see the trains! So, we started with the rusty old train carts and by the time we left the trains we were warmed up and ready to go! Jaxson was a little shy and didn’t want daddy to go out of site, but Parker was a little more brave and full of ideas. Some of her ideas were pretty good too! Daddy didn’t dare tackle a little girls hair so he took her to Sweet & Sassy! Hilarious :) Chaz is an amazing person and an even better daddy. I was honored to spend time with the family. Merry Christmas you guys!





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Kristen Huddleston -

Beautiful pics!!