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2014 Ring Bling

Wedding Rings. The symbol you wear forever to show your commitment to your husband or wife. A proclamation to the world that you are TAKEN! For us as your photographers… It is one of the most

2014 Standout Moments

We are in the last few hours of 2014! It was our first official year of shooting weddings in New Jersey. We have made so many great memories already and are so pumped to see what 2015 brings. We want

Popography Behind the Scenes 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to look back over the last year and remember all of the amazing memories we have created, experienced and shared. New Jersey, New Friends, New

North Jersey Armenian Wedding :: Tav + Katherin

Hilarious. Strong. Passionate. When I moved from Texas to New Jersey I was determined to find other photographers that I could jive and network with. Tav was one of the 5 people I chose randomly to

Crystal Springs Resort Wedding :: Christina + Dan

Genuine. Best Speech Givers. True Friends. I literally cried the entire day of this wedding. It was a gorgeous day at Crystal Spring Resort and Fall was in full swing. The weather was perfect! We

Philadelphia Waterworks Wedding :: L + A

Stunning. Smart. A whole lot of FUN. It was a perfect day in sunny Philadelphia. Upon arriving to the bridal suite at the Palomar Hotel, we were greeted by some of the most gorgeous girls all decked

John Knox Ranch Camp Style Wedding :: Hayley + Daniel

Persevering. Compassionate. Encompassing. It’s hard to find a starting point for this blog. Hayley has been a dear friend of mine for 14 years. I have watched her grow up before my eyes. We

Megan + Mario :: Chauncey Hotel Wedding :: Princeton, New Jersey

Rad. Real. FUN. These two are on my level. Seriously, they are almost as short as me :) What a fantastic couple. They have an energy and excitement in their relationship that is contagious. I knew

Danica + Milton :: Stone Tavern Farm Wedding :: Roxbury, NY

Lovely. Authentic. Spiritual. When we first came to New Jersey it was considered a “Look & See” visit. We stayed a week to house hunt and Jeff went to visit his new workplace as well.

Ariana + Mario :: Liberty House Wedding, Jersey City

I honestly have no idea where to start with this blog. I guess I will start with one big word: GODSEND. Mario and Ariana were perfectly placed in our lives at the very moment we needed them. We were

Tisha + Cory :: Las Vegas Wedding Vow Renewal

Tisha and Cory are a one of a kind couple. It was a shocker and an honor to be flown into Las Vegas to shoot their 10 year vow renewal. Tisha and I once were elementary teachers together. We have

Leslie + Caleb :: Pink & Purple Country Wedding

Head over heels in love. Passionate. Emotional. Flying from New Jersey to Texas was so worth it! Leslie and Caleb are one of the kindest couples. They had been through a lot! It was so wonderful to

Sarah + Greg :: City Place Wedding :: Dallas, TX

Classic. Elegant. Exquisite. This was one GORGEOUS wedding! It was a beautiful and very hot day in Texas. Coming from a much cooler New Jersey, we had to really learn to adjust to the heat! Sarah was

Wedding in the Woods :: Styled Shoot

Moving to New Jersey from Texas was quite a change, but it has be so much fun growing the Shoot & Share Community! We are so honored to surround ourselves with such fabulous people who want to

Dayle + John :: Asbury Park Wedding

Quirky. Fun. Sensitive. Christ-like. Dayle and John are the sweetest people.  I got a sneak peak into their awesomeness on their very unique and fun engagement session. I knew their wedding was going

Mindy + Tony :: Lafayette Hotel California Wedding :: Part Two

If Part One of this fabulous wedding had you excited, wait until you see part two! Let me rave about this couple once again. Not only were they awesome enough to fly us to California from New Jersey,

Mindy + Tony :: Lafayette Hotel California Wedding :: Part One

A few years ago we were shooting a fabulous wedding deep the in the heart of Texas and met the sweetest couple while working. This is how Mindy & Tony entered our lives. They had flown in from

Megan + Jason :: St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church :: DFW Wedding Photographer

Jason and Megan are very dear to us. Single happiest couple I have ever encountered. She is absolutely goo-goo for him and he can’t keep his eyes off of her. We were thrilled when they decided

KJ + Rob :: Seashells and Stripes Styled Beach Wedding :: Santa Barbara, CA

Sunny California never looked so pretty. Attending United was such a great experience for Jeffrey and myself. We met amazing photographers, created new relationships and got to shoot beautiful

Sunset Beach Styled Post Wedding Session :: Santa Barbara, CA

Sunny California is always a fun place to shoot. We were lucky to travel to the sunny state and attend United! It was nice to leave the cold Northeast and hit the beach every morning and evening for