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Marina del Rey Wedding :: Dana + Mo

The weather has been so unpredictable this season and you never know what mother nature has in mind, but this wedding was graced with gorgeous light and slightly warmer temperatures! Yeah! It was a

Park Chateau Estate Wedding :: Tiffany + Nick

It was a brisk, beautiful day at one of our favorite venues, Park Chateau Estate. Snow covered the ground and the sun lit the sky for what would turn out to be one gorgeous wedding.  The weather

Winter Snow Engagement :: Tiffany + Mike

It is March here in New Jersey and everyone is getting antsy for Spring to arrive, but we decided to embrace what mother nature instead! Tiffany and Mike reached out this Winter and said they would

Venetian Winter Wedding :: Christina + Dennis

You guys!!! What an epic way to end our 2017 wedding season! These two beautiful souls tied the knot after a gorgeous snowy filled day that really made the perfect setting for their wedding. We love

Behind the Scenes 2017

This year has been a whirlwind for us. A big thank you to Ben and Krystal who started assisting us this year and for all of your hard work. You were huge assets and allowed us to what we love-serving

Unseen Moments of 2017

One of our favorite posts of the year! Thank you to everyone who crossed our paths this year. You truly made our year more fabulous. Cheers and enjoy these fun images! xx Leaha +

Park Savoy Estate Wedding :: Jennifer + Kevin

Going into this beautiful wedding, we knew there were some challenges ahead. This wedding would host the largest wedding party we have ever shot and all portraits would be taken after dark. Little

Basking Ridge Country Club Wedding :: Jessica + Eric

Every wedding we shoot has a magical way of reminding us of the value of family, the commitment of marriage, and what life is really all about. And it’s almost certain that at every wedding,

Chapel Creek Ranch :: Kelsea + Lance

It’s not every day that your little brother gets married. It has been a long time coming and we couldn’t be more proud to welcome Kelsea into our family. These two grew up in the same

Park Chateau Wedding :: Tina + Rod

The Park Chateau is one of our most popular venues for 2018 and we couldn’t be more excited. With an onsite chapel, beautifully manicured grounds, and first class service, this venue exudes

The Grove Wedding :: Joanna + Mike

Starting the day off in someone’s home just gives you that feeling of family and you instantly get transported into the world that you client grew up in. That is exactly what happened when we

Minerals Hotel Wedding :: Allie + Rob

It was a bright, sunny day at Crystal Springs Resort where the wedding day for Allie and Rob would start. The girls were bustling around in their floral robes as they prepared for the big day. The

NYC Elopement Wedding :: Jen + James

We have a soft spot in our heart for New York City elopements because once upon a time that is what we did! Something magical happens when everyone attends an out of state wedding. Maybe it’s

Park Savoy Estate Wedding :: Daniela + Anthony

Every wedding we think to ourselves, “How could it get any more beautiful than today?”.  Yet wedding after wedding, we keep meeting more amazing families, working alongside incredible

The Breakers Rock and Roll Wedding :: Caiti + Ian

We still remember having our first chat with this super chic rock and roll couple. Two hairless cats running across the skype call told us that these two lovers were going to be a lot of fun. Caiti

Crystal Plaza Wedding :: Grace + Michael

It was just a few weeks ago that we had these two lovebirds over to the house for a hangout and mini engagement session overlooking the lake. I must say, I was happily surprised to know that Grace

Windows on the Water at Frogbridge Wedding :: Alyssa + Ernest

If you have been following the blog closely this season you will probably notice a trend on 2017 weddings- rain. The rain used to worry us, as photographers, but now we throw on a raincoat and

Skyland’s Manor Wedding :: Ashley + Ryan

I count on both hands the number of times we have shot in the gardens of Skyland’s Manor, but this was the first time we have been on the inside of the gorgeous mansion. It was a rainy day as

West Point Academy Wedding :: Pamela + Michael

If you haven’t been to upstate New York and drove through the tree covered mountains, you’re missing out on one of the most gorgeous places in the country. West Point Academy is nestled

Van Vleck House and Park Savoy Wedding :: Jenna + Steve

As if things couldn’t get any better this season…we had the privilege of shooting at two amazing locations in one wedding day! Jenna and Steve treated us to two amazing places to shoot.