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Awesome Moments of 2013 :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

What a year!!! We love to look back on all of the weddings and sessions we shared with our clients this year. There were smiles, cries, bursts of joy, sentimental moments, “What in the

Behind the Scenes 2013

What a whirlwind of a year! 2013 was full of amazing weddings and amazing clients! Shooting both Texas and the Northeast was a BLAST! We can’t imagine what 2014 will hold. Thank you to everyone

Taking control back :: Clean Eating

This year was all about letting go and at the same time taking control. Leaving Texas for New Jersey was the scariest and the most exciting thing all wrapped up into one BIG decision. Sometimes the

The ALL NEW POPography :: Website/Blog/Promo Video :: New Jersey Wedding Photographers

Moving from Texas to New Jersey was probably one of the biggest and greatest decisions. It has been a faith filled journey of dreaming and hoping for something greater as a family, as a person and as

Once a Bridesmaid; Always a Photographer

Yep! I was a bridesmaid; not a photographer. The girls were so welcoming as I was the only one coming from Texas to Louisiana! Such beautiful ladies and such a blast to hang out with. It

Breaking Copyright & Stealing Images – TRUE STORY :: Turning the other cheek :: Popography

We are often faced with circumstances that challenge everything within us. I had someone very close to me once tell me that I can purservere over any situation.I am putting my emotions aside and

Our house, our house… is a very very very fine house :: New Jersey Home Revealed :: Popography

The title to this blog makes it sound like our home is ridiculously amazing. ha! In reality, it is a home that we have tried to make our own with recycling things from our hold home. There were a few

NYC Life Lessons :: New York City Photo Walk with Milad & Mom :: Popography

It was time to head out to the city! The Big Apple. My mom was so gracious to spend the first two weeks with us as we transitioned into living in New Jersey. Her grand finale was a trip to the city.

Live Present.

Chaos, confusion, challenges sometimes lead to worry, doubt and depression. Life got very overwhelming for me a few months ago and I had to come to terms that I don’t have to live a life filled with

We are MOVING!

You have probably been seeing my Facebook posts and wondering what in the world is going on. Let me start  from the beginning… Three months ago Jeffrey was told that his plant would be closing

Work it! :: Behind the Scenes of Popography

Everyone loves some behind the scenes action! In no particular order–here is what we look like in all of our glory :) Thank you to my amazing team and assistants for making 2012 a fantastic

Canvas Competition

Finally- it’s time to give something back to so many of the amazing people who have given so much to us. In honor of our amazing clients we have decided to host a little contest where the

Popography – Dancing into 2013!

The season for change has arrived. Change is always exactly as you think it will be…Challenging. It is hard to make a change. It’s hard to accept change. But, with my faith in God, I

The Bling is in the Ring :: Creative Ring Shots :: POPography

What is in a ring? Obviously, a diamond! As little girls we would stare or fiddle with our moms as we sit bored waiting. As young girls we would dream of our wedding day and the man who would give us

Our Trace Liam turns 2!

My, my, my how times flies. Some people look at my family and say….WOW, how do you have a such a young hubby, a 15 year old and a 2 year old? Believe me, the story is complicated and lengthy,

The many lives of Leaha…..

I recently had someone say I was the most interesting person they had met. WHY? Was this a compliment? Confusion? :D haha They went on to explain that they were impressed by all the many things I

How to create an experience worth remembering!

I’m sitting in the lobby of the dentist office browsing my facebook page and I look up and see a “Turn off all cell phones” sign by the door. I click the button to turn off the

Behind the Scenes :: Setting up the Shot :: Popography

Who doesn’t love some behind the scenes action? I love it when the parents on sessions decide to take some action shots. Here are just a few of the pulled back shots of us working. Thanks

Madison & Amber :: BFF Mini Session :: Popography

Some call me crazy when they find out that I have a 15 year old high schooler and a 2 year old. It happens! I started early and I finished last. It’s always a fun time when she gets her friends

Popography Team: Behind The Camera :: Dallas / Fort Worth Wedding Photography & Video

Who doesn’t like Behind The Scenes action? :) The POPography team consists of 5 best friends. Leaha & Jeff- Photography, Milad & Bobby- Video and our newest member, Joey!  Sonia heads