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Where is the best place to get ready on Wedding Day for photos?

There are so many things to think about when preparing for your big day.  Cake decorators, venues, centerpieces for your tables…….and of course we know you want amazing photos! Brides

What makes a good location for photography?

Location, Location, Location….. It seems to be the biggest concern for my clients and brides, but the least of my worries in the big picture. I tend to only take a few really wide angle shots

What is a Same Day Wedding Slide Show?

Willie Wonka was probably every kids favorite movie. Who wouldn’t want to live in a dreamland full of sweets and testing the limits of candy!? What a sweet treat! Remember the little girl who

Why Book POPography Vendors?

We had a fabulous time shooting together this past weekend at The Orchard. It’s always a treat when the whole team gets together. Spring is in full effect and everything is in bloom. The