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How to Send Wedding Invitations through USPS

Dear Brides, I am sure you are hoping for the same smooth planning that I was. When I first started planning my wedding I made sure that I was the epitome of an organized, calm, non-bridezilla

Social Media Hashtag Shortcuts for Instagram

Laura Lee Photography Blog Facebook Instagram   If you’re like me, you are fully aware that social media can take your photography business to new heights and you spend SO much time on social

5 Items for a Bridal Emergency Kit :: By Brittany Maio

Dear Bride, The wedding is almost here, YAY!!  You’ve been spending days, months or possibly even years planning out your special day. I’m sure you’ve thought about putting together a wedding day

Tips for picking the perfect Wedding Venue :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Congratulations! You are engaged!! All eyes are on you as you embark on the most memorable journey of your life. You have the ring. You have the man. Now you have to plan a wedding? WHERE does one

Being aware of the Camera on Wedding Day :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

It has finally arrived- your wedding day. The happy chaos has ensued. Your wedding photographers show up and introduce themselves to the wedding party. Your hair is getting done and your make up is

Wedding Send Off and Grand Exit Ideas :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Throwing rice is a thing of the past! Couples are now looking for new fun and creative ways to create dynamic moments on their wedding day. The beautiful thing is that its YOUR day and you can

What should the Groom bring on wedding day? :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Girls have been planning this day for centuries. Guys are the complete opposite! Girls know the importance of details. The dress, jewelry, shoes and even something as simple as a manicure! Guys on

What is an UNplugged Wedding?

un·plug [uhn-pluhg]  un·plugged, un·plug·ging. verb (used with object) remove a

Why do a FIRST LOOK?

The FIRST LOOK: When the bride and groom choose to see each other before they walk down the isle.  I am a girl from the south. Texas to be exact! We are rich in tradition and there always seems to be

How to plan a FUN Engagement Session

Engagements are seriously one of my FAVORITE things to shoot. Want to know why? It’s so exciting to meet a new couple who is madly in love. We get to dive into how they met and how their love

How do I use PASS?

Do you still have dinosaurs in your house? You know cassette tapes, VCR player and soon to be added- CD & DVD’s? In our home we consider these items vintage! They aren’t being used

Digital Rights – What can I do with my photos?

It’s a digital world. Let’s face it head on- even my 2 yr old can work an iPad like a pro. Digital images are almost expected as an option from clients. I totally get that. I have

Do you offer Albums for your clients?

Albums are the best book you will probably ever read. They tell the story of you! We custom design each album for our clients. Each album is made of premium leather and materials and personalized to

What is a POPfusion Video?

Photos + Video + POPography = POPfusion From the very beginning of my business I have incorporated video. In my opinion, videos are just as rad and important as photos. When you combine them together

How does the photographer pull off a wedding day? [VIDEO]

Hey guys! Just when you thought you had seen enough of Leaha doing videos— Here is yet another fun filled adventure! This was filmed last minute in the Fall. It is a brief look into the world

From a Brides Perspective :: A Testimonial of Popography

As a photographer, it is important to me to not only deliver amazing photographs, but to develop amazing relationships. Sometimes I forget I am even working. There is no amount of sweat or hours that

What helps a Bride look her BEST on Wedding Day?

We have shot 32 weddings this year. It has been one of the most fun and exhilarating years of my life. Sharing the wedding experience with other women is something I truly enjoy. I have been married

What does a Wedding Day Photography Schedule look like?

Don’t stress! This is something I always remind my brides. It is so easy to get caught up in all the details and lose track of the special moments happening all around you. This is the most

How can Bride’s Save Money through Technology? :: Popography

Every bride is on a budget. Photographers are on a budget. We are all on a budget! Being a conscious spender and trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone is like an art that we all want to perfect. When

#copyright #instagram :: Understanding Your Rights :: POPography

After browsing my my facebook timeline, I saw a fellow photog complaining that some of her work had been imported to Instagram, re-edited and published through the app. This inspired me to re-think