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Social Media Hashtag Shortcuts for Instagram

Laura Lee Photography Blog Facebook Instagram   If you’re like me, you are fully aware that social media can take your photography business to new heights and you spend SO much time on social

Guest Blogger Jessica Rambo
Tips for Breaking into the Wedding Industry

One of the greatest joys in my life is giving. I love people. Giving and people just go well together. I mentor quite a few photographers in between shooting weddings. It really is where my heart is

Guest Blogger Brittany Maio
Wedding Photographers Emergency Kit

5 Things to NOT forget on Wedding Day- Photographers Addition! We’ve all been to weddings, and if you’ve been to more then one you’ve most likely heard of a Bride’s Wedding

7 Assumptions Made About Same-sex Weddings

Kailynn Barbour GAY BRIDE GUIDE BLOG FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM     I’ve been engaged to my fiancé, Valerie, for about a year now. We’re planning a November 2015 wedding, and it’s been an amazing

Bella Olivia Tutus & Accessories :: Guest Blogger

I can’t say enough how much I love this woman’s tutus! I know that sounds funny, but its true! Not only are they amazing, luxurious, and fairytale-like- they are FUN to wear. When you put

Shoot & Share Controversy :: Respecting Artists :: Guest Blogger Dayle L.

After a week of high emotion and a shift in the way I was thinking for not only my business, but my clients- I receive this well worded letter from one of our sweetest brides. I couldn’t have

GUEST BLOGGER Jennefer Wilson :: Using Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

This lady is incredible. Her spirit radiates so bright. And she is from my home state, Texas! Jennefer is a very talented photographer and an outstanding person. I remember attending the United

GUEST BLOGGER Denisse Benitez :: Fine Art & Portait Photography

Being a New Jersey photographer now has been such an eye opening experience and blessing. I prayed before I tracked all the way from Texas. I prayed that God would place people in my life that fit my

GUEST BLOGGER Yolandi Jacobsz :: Boudoir Photography Celebrating Women

Yolandi is a special artist and so eloquently tells the story of women through her photography. I was surprised to be approached by her online to be a guest blogger. I immediately was intrigued by

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: GUEST BLOGGER Russ McMinn :: DFW Branding / Web Design / Graphic Designer

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no its Clark Kent’s look-alike! Yes, he is just as talented and smart as he appears. Russ is one of the most genuine folks in the industry I have ran into.

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: Guest Blogger JEFF BOURGEOIS :: Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

Everyone welcome my hubby, Jeffrey! He amazes me with what he can do with his iPhone and Instagram! Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts babe! Love you!   If someone asked me what the most

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: GUEST BLOGGER Sonia Still :: DFW Hair & Makeup Artist

You’re in a for a real treat! Sonia is tiny, talented and a super amazing artist! I have had the privilege of working with this talented young lady over the last three years. It has been

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: Guest Blogger KEITH POWELL :: Southwest Arkansas Senior Photographer

The internet is the coolest place! It is such a rad experience to meet amazing people in your field. Keith is an online friend who I will finally meet in February! SO EXCITED! I love watching his

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: Guest Blogger Keith Betters :: DFW Wedding Film Maker

After many run ins online and tons of Instagram and Facebook chatter, I finally was able to meet up with Keith Betters a few weeks ago while visiting Texas. It was already getting late as we hit up

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: Guest Blogger Edwin Watson :: Size doesn’t always matter in cameras

Look Who POP’d in! It’s Edwin Watson! My friend, my photographer & full opinions! Let’s dive in!   Hello, My name is Edwin Watson, and I am a commercial and fashion photographer

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: Guest Blogger Carrie Ferris :: The Art of Newborn Photography

It’s that time again!! Another amazing photographer to be loved and featured! I have a confession to make. I am kind of a secret admirer of this lady’s work. For years now I have watched

LOOK WHO POP’D IN :: Guest Blogger Julian Navarette Photography :: Mastering the Artistic Edit

I feel like I am the Circus leader and I should stand up on a giant podium to introduce our guest blogger this week. Maybe I should start with “LADIES AND GENTLEMAN…!!” haha But

Look Who POP’d In :: Guest Blogger KRISTIN SHYLA :: Storytelling through photography and LOVE

Look who POP’d in! It’s Kristin Shyla! Oh you are all in for SUCH a treat.  She is so very precious. Not only does she carry a gift of photography, but she carries a passion for people.

Look who POP’d In :: Guest Blogger Erin McGregor :: Capturing the essence of your children

Facebook has really allowed me to make so many wonderful connections with other photographers. A lot of my inspiration comes from folks I have met on the internet, but never had the privilege of