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Popography – Dancing into 2013!

The season for change has arrived. Change is always exactly as you think it will be…Challenging. It is hard to make a change. It’s hard to accept change. But, with my faith in God, I

How do you value your Time?

My husband always says “Time is Money”. I was like “Yeah Yeah Yeah!” Then I started to realize how much time I spend doing things such as traveling, editing and even shooting.

Pete and Repeat, maintaining a relationship with your clients.

We have all heard the little saying “Pete & Repeat”. We are often referring to a kid playing copy cat or maybe two sisters who are acting exactly the same. In this case, I am talking

How to create an experience worth remembering!

I’m sitting in the lobby of the dentist office browsing my facebook page and I look up and see a “Turn off all cell phones” sign by the door. I click the button to turn off the

What Photoshop Actions & Lightroom Presets do you suggest?

Editing…the ‘other’ side of being a creative. Some love it; some dread it. Either way it has to be done! To this day I still love the editing process. I don’t like how much

Behind the Scenes :: Setting up the Shot :: Popography

Who doesn’t love some behind the scenes action? I love it when the parents on sessions decide to take some action shots. Here are just a few of the pulled back shots of us working. Thanks

How do you edit your newborn photography?

I get this question A LOT. I wish I had one simple answer, but alas I have more than one. I will tell you how I edit newborn and baby portraits in this blog post specifically. I’m trying to

How does the photographer pull off a wedding day? [VIDEO]

Hey guys! Just when you thought you had seen enough of Leaha doing videos— Here is yet another fun filled adventure! This was filmed last minute in the Fall. It is a brief look into the world

From a Brides Perspective :: A Testimonial of Popography

As a photographer, it is important to me to not only deliver amazing photographs, but to develop amazing relationships. Sometimes I forget I am even working. There is no amount of sweat or hours that

Breakdown of Reflection Shot :: Dallas / Fort Worth Modern Wedding Photographer :: POPography

Every once in a while you pull off something last minute that ends up being pretty cool. This was one of those instances. The bride and groom pictured below (Shout out to Tiffany & Raul!) had

Ask the Photographer: What is in your bag?

I get this question a lot! What gear do you carry in your bag? What are your favorite lenses? How did you ever afford to buy all of this stuff? I will do my  best to answer these questions for you

What does a Wedding Day Photography Schedule look like?

Don’t stress! This is something I always remind my brides. It is so easy to get caught up in all the details and lose track of the special moments happening all around you. This is the most

Canon 5D Mark iii Test :: Gear Review :: Popography

Lots of people wanting to know how far you can push the new Canon 5d Mark iii– Here was a shot from the wedding this weekend in Dallas. 5d Mark iii House of Blues: Dallas, TX 32mm, 2.8, 1/100

#copyright #instagram :: Understanding Your Rights :: POPography

After browsing my my facebook timeline, I saw a fellow photog complaining that some of her work had been imported to Instagram, re-edited and published through the app. This inspired me to re-think

Creating my Brand & Image through Showit :: Grapevine Shootout :: POPography

There are many ups and downs when running your own business. There are so many questions, so many hurdles and you just want someone to reach out and hand you a life jacket as you struggle to stay

What is a Same Day Wedding Slide Show?

Willie Wonka was probably every kids favorite movie. Who wouldn’t want to live in a dreamland full of sweets and testing the limits of candy!? What a sweet treat! Remember the little girl who

The Making of Popography :: Dallas / Fort Worth Wedding Photographer :: Popography

So, the cat is out of the bag. I have my dream job. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest gal on the planet. Not to get all mushy and gushy, but I think its important to know a little bit about the