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Awesome Moments of 2013 :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

What a year!!! We love to look back on all of the weddings and sessions we shared with our clients this year. There were smiles, cries, bursts of joy, sentimental moments, “What in the

Behind the Scenes 2013

What a whirlwind of a year! 2013 was full of amazing weddings and amazing clients! Shooting both Texas and the Northeast was a BLAST! We can’t imagine what 2014 will hold. Thank you to everyone

Hayley & Daniel :: New York City Engagement :: Popography

Adventurous. Down to earth. Spectacular. You can only imagine the excitement that flooded our minds when this amazing couple decided to fly from Texas to NYC  to shoot their engagement photos! We

Dayle & John :: Intergalactic Themed / Fall Engagement :: New Jersey

Being a photographer in New Jersey in the Fall is AWESOME! It is absolutely stunning this time of year! We started off our adventure in Paterson, NJ with the gritty streets and urban feel. We then

Megan & Jason :: Urban Vine Bistro / Baseball / Superhero / Picnic Engagement :: Popography

Engagements are about celebrating your love and what you love to do together! This couple couldn’t narrow it down to two…so, we did it all! Celebrating their love for wine, baseball,

Leslie & Caleb :: Fort Worth Stockyards Engagement :: Popography

With all smiles and a hop in their step, Leslie and Caleb were full of excitement when they arrived. It was a cloudy and warm day in the Fort Worth Stockyards which made for a perfect photo shoot! I

Ariana & Mario :: Asbury Park Boardwalk Engagement :: New Jersey :: Popography

These clients are absolutely stunning humans! We were completely thrilled that Ariana and Mario chose two crazy Texans as their photographers! What a risk! :) Gracious. Lovely. Smart. Stunning. These

Gisela & Dominick :: Urban City Shoot & Picnic Styled Engagement :: Popography

This is a HIS & HERS kind of session… :) What a rockin’ couple. I remember the exact feeling I got when I first met this couple. They had Jesus written all over them. It was clear to

Stacy & Julian :: The Harbor at Rockwall Engagement :: Popography

Texas welcomed me with open arms after moving to New Jersey 3 months ago. Warm summer day filled with sunshine and friendly faces. Ahhh… Stacy & Julian are just plain awesome. We met up at

Jennifer & Stephen :: New York City Central Park Engagement :: Popography

My dreams are coming true. That about sums it up. I’m in the city I love. I am shooting amazing brides. My life is AWESOME. She’s a 1st grade teacher; He’s a businessman.

Nina & Will :: Fort Worth Stockyards Engagement Texas :: Popography

It was another beautiful and warm day in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Pretty weather for some pretty people! Engagements are so fun. Especially when the couple is madly in love. His smile is only this

Whitney & Trevor :: Fort Worth Stockyards Engagement :: Popography

She walks with a mission and he follows close behind smiling… They are precious! Nervous giggles and small talk started us off as we entered yet another gorgeous day in the Fort Worth

Popography – Dancing into 2013!

The season for change has arrived. Change is always exactly as you think it will be…Challenging. It is hard to make a change. It’s hard to accept change. But, with my faith in God, I

Thomas & Emily :: Downtown Dallas / Highland Park Football Theme Engagement :: Popography

She is his biggest fan. Her smile lights up the entire sky. He is shy  in his ways, but confident in his walk. They are two of a kind that are madly in love. She is a teacher and he is a athelete off

The Bling is in the Ring :: Creative Ring Shots :: POPography

What is in a ring? Obviously, a diamond! As little girls we would stare or fiddle with our moms as we sit bored waiting. As young girls we would dream of our wedding day and the man who would give us

Katie & Dan :: TWU Denton, TX Engagement :: Popography

This couple = FUN It’s always an added bonus when you have a bride with gorgeous friends. I met Katie & Dan at a wedding I was shooting. It was a complete and awesome bonus when they

Sarah & Steven :: Downtown McKinney, TX Engagement :: Popography

GAH! Every once in a while I walk away from a session giddy like a school girl. I go home in a rush to download the images, cull the images and immediately start editing. THIS was one of those

Tiana & Hunter :: Fort Worth Botanical Gardens Engagement :: Popography

LOVE this sweet couple and their amazing family. Tiana is still a little girl in my eyes. I remember dropping my daughter off as a little baby to Tiana’s mom. They watched my daughter, Madison,

Breanna & Dennis :: Fort Worth Vintage Flying Museum Engagement :: Popography

Every once in a while you get a dream photo shoot…and everything is topped off with greatness when it comes with amazing people! I absolutely love this couple. Breanna and I met when I became

Amanda & JP :: Austin, TX 6th Street Engagement :: Popography

Schedule, Reschedule, Set a time…no, reset the time…and reset it again. Thank goodness my clients are rad and flexible. I do declare! It is Fall and the sun is playing tricks on me