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Kathrin + Tav :: Morristown Engagement

Fun. Entertaining. Sweet. These two are RAD. Let’s back this story up to over a year ago. I was a newbie to the NJ Wedding photography scene. Tav was one of the first people to welcome me over

Melisa + Justin :: Dallas Turtle Creek Engagement

It was hot, steamy and full of love. Welcome to Texas and everyone meet Melisa & Justin! Turtle Creek was the perfect backdrop for this sweet couple. They braved the heat and the bugs for this

Danica + Milton :: New York City Engagement

It was a year and a half ago that Milton and Danica landed in our path. We were in New Jersey on a “Look and See” visit to look for a home. We were invited to a party where these two were

Regina + Jeff :: New Hope, Pennsylvania Engagement

Down to Earth. Intelligent. So in love. These two are just adorable. Jeffrey and I made the hike to the cute town of New Hope, Pennsylvania. Shops, restaurants, tourist, locals…they all come

Megan + Mario :: Vintage Car Engagement

The “Most Adorable Couple” award goes to Megan and Mario. My goodness these two are greatness! We literally met for the first time on our engagement shoot with them. It took all of 15

Mindy + Tony :: Hotel del Coronado Post Wedding Session :: Part Three

It was that dreaded moment when you realize you have to walk to your bride and groom’s suite to tell them goodbye. Destination weddings are so great for so many reasons. The fact that someone

Alex + Josh :: Hotel del Coronado Engagement

After being a New Jersey photographer for a year, I finally grew accustom to the cold weather. Then I got the privilege to fly to Southern California to shoot for a weekend and I just knew it would

Sarah + Greg :: Turtle Creek & Klyde Warren Park Engagement :: DFW Wedding Photographer

He’s quirky and fun with an eye for his sweet southern belle. She’s classy and sweet and fits perfectly in his arms. These two are a beautiful site to see. It was amazing how they just

Brittany + Ryan :: California Beach Engagement

Oh holy gorgeousness! California never fails to have amazing views, amazing people and lasting memories. Santa Barbara is beautiful and it was super awesome to spend the week at  United with fellow

Sara + Chris :: Sunset Beach Engagement :: Santa Barbara, CA

Leaving the cold North East and arriving in the beautiful, sunny Santa Barbara was like a  dream. Jeffrey and myself were very excited to attend the UNITED conference.  There were so many beautiful

Christina & Dan :: New York City Engagement :: POPography

She is stylish and beautiful with only eyes for him. He is intelligent and looks at her like she’s the only one in the city. Shooting an engagement in New York City is always a dream, again and

Awesome Moments of 2013 :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

What a year!!! We love to look back on all of the weddings and sessions we shared with our clients this year. There were smiles, cries, bursts of joy, sentimental moments, “What in the

Behind the Scenes 2013

What a whirlwind of a year! 2013 was full of amazing weddings and amazing clients! Shooting both Texas and the Northeast was a BLAST! We can’t imagine what 2014 will hold. Thank you to everyone

Hayley & Daniel :: New York City Engagement :: Popography

Adventurous. Down to earth. Spectacular. You can only imagine the excitement that flooded our minds when this amazing couple decided to fly from Texas to NYC  to shoot their engagement photos! We

Dayle & John :: Intergalactic Themed / Fall Engagement :: New Jersey

Being a photographer in New Jersey in the Fall is AWESOME! It is absolutely stunning this time of year! We started off our adventure in Paterson, NJ with the gritty streets and urban feel. We then

Megan & Jason :: Urban Vine Bistro / Baseball / Superhero / Picnic Engagement :: Popography

Engagements are about celebrating your love and what you love to do together! This couple couldn’t narrow it down to two…so, we did it all! Celebrating their love for wine, baseball,

Leslie & Caleb :: Fort Worth Stockyards Engagement :: Popography

With all smiles and a hop in their step, Leslie and Caleb were full of excitement when they arrived. It was a cloudy and warm day in the Fort Worth Stockyards which made for a perfect photo shoot! I

Ariana & Mario :: Asbury Park Boardwalk Engagement :: New Jersey :: Popography

These clients are absolutely stunning humans! We were completely thrilled that Ariana and Mario chose two crazy Texans as their photographers! What a risk! :) Gracious. Lovely. Smart. Stunning. These

Gisela & Dominick :: Urban City Shoot & Picnic Styled Engagement :: Popography

This is a HIS & HERS kind of session… :) What a rockin’ couple. I remember the exact feeling I got when I first met this couple. They had Jesus written all over them. It was clear to

Stacy & Julian :: The Harbor at Rockwall Engagement :: Popography

Texas welcomed me with open arms after moving to New Jersey 3 months ago. Warm summer day filled with sunshine and friendly faces. Ahhh… Stacy & Julian are just plain awesome. We met up at