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How to Send Wedding Invitations through USPS

Dear Brides, I am sure you are hoping for the same smooth planning that I was. When I first started planning my wedding I made sure that I was the epitome of an organized, calm, non-bridezilla

Bride to Bride
Surviving Your Wedding Day

Dear Brides, With the holiday season behind us, my newsfeed, as well as yours I am sure, was full of newly engaged couples. Picture after picture of smiling faces, beautiful sparkly rings, and

Booking an Out of State “Destination” Wedding Photographer :: Bride to Bride

Dear Bride, I would love to share my thoughts and process for selecting our photographers, Jeff & Leaha, and why we chose to fly them cross-country from New Jersey to sunny San Diego, California!

5 Wise Wedding Day Tips :: Bride to Bride

Dear Bride, Man meets woman…they fall in love…he puts a ring on it! Marrying the love of your life is a magical day! I remember wondering what type of man my soul mate would be, how was

Planning an out of State Wedding or Destination Wedding :: Bride to Bride :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Planning an out of state wedding is a task that many brides are daring to do these days! Guess who else did this? ME!! I planned my NYC wedding all on my own all the way from Texas. I had never seen

How to Maximize your Wedding Budget :: Bride to Bride :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Dear Bride, When you first are engaged everything is so very exciting.  You’re showing off your ring and pinning Pinterest inspired things every other minute of the day.  But eventually reality comes

DIY Wedding Tips :: Bride to Bride :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Many brides are saying “no” to coordinators and YES to “Doing it Yourself” aka DIY weddings. I admire these brides. In a Pinterest inspired world it can be very overwhelming