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Asbury Park Boardwalk Trash the Dress :: Caitlin + Ed

Asbury Park Boardwalk is always full of excitement and bustling with interesting people. When Caitlin contacted me about trashing her Kleinfeld wedding dress, I was overly excited! Caitlin and Ed

Sunset Beach Tutu Shoot :: Santa Barbara, CA

Every once in a while a girl gets to take off the yoga pants and put on a big fluffy tutu! It was a magical fun time. The humidity made my hair go wild and the tutu was soaking wet, but all in all- I

KJ + Rob :: Seashells and Stripes Styled Beach Wedding :: Santa Barbara, CA

Sunny California never looked so pretty. Attending United was such a great experience for Jeffrey and myself. We met amazing photographers, created new relationships and got to shoot beautiful

Sunset Beach Styled Post Wedding Session :: Santa Barbara, CA

Sunny California is always a fun place to shoot. We were lucky to travel to the sunny state and attend United! It was nice to leave the cold Northeast and hit the beach every morning and evening for

Modern Beauty Party :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Modern Beauty shoots are just plain fabulous! When is the last time, as a woman, you have stopped and enjoyed yourself? Appreciated yourself? Just took a minute to breathe in your beauty? I am going

Will & Nina :: Texas Country Bride & Groom After Session :: POPography

It is always an honor to shoot someones wedding. It is just plain fun when you are asked to do an “After Session”. After sessions are when the bride and groom get dressed up in their

Shabby Chic Horse Bridal Session:: Styled Bridal Shoot :: Popography

Stop. Collaborate and Listen. Yes, go ahead and finish out the lyrical lines of one of the most famous songs of all time. :) I know you want to! Collaborating was one of the most fun things I have

Emily :: Baylor University Bridal :: Popography

Emily, Emily, Emily…she is strikingly beautiful. Baylor graduate, Baylor Bride, Baylor Football Fiancé! WHEW! BAYLOR UNIVERSITY shout out! I remember arriving at their friends home in awe of

Courtney :: Fort Worth Stockyards Bridal Session :: Popography

Who picks the busiest time of year to shoot in the Stockyards- ME! Beautiful Courtney was dressed to impress as we walked throughout the Stock Show. YES, the Stock Show was in full effect and folks

Rebecca :: Dallas Deep Ellum / Lee Park Bridal :: Popography

It’s hard to believe how fast time flies. I shot this bridal over 1 1/2 years ago. I’m trying to catch up on sessions of the past since my blog is still fairly new. Rebecca was one of my

Shalyn :: Vintage Flying Museum Bridal :: POPography

When a bride approaches me with a concept that includes airplanes–you better know I am all about it! :D Funny story….Shalyn and I had booked the Vintage Flying Museum in Fort Worth, Tx

Tiana :: TWU Denton Tx Bridal Session :: POPography

As I sit and post these pictures I look back on how long I have known the beautiful, Tiana. She was just knee high to a grasshopper when I met her. Her mom, Staci, kept my daughter as a baby for

Tricia’s Bridal :: Carol Rose in Gainesville Tx :: POPography

Tricia is so special to me. She is one of the greatest people I have met. There is such a spirit and fire about her. She has always known what she wants and it meant so much to me when she decided to

Lynsey’s Bridal :: Rock the Dress with Paint :: Popography

Having a throw back session today! This session is a couple of years old, but it was a goody. Lynsey is my BFF of over 20 years and shows up on my bloggity quite often. She is so easy on the eyes and

Jessica’s Bridal :: The Cotton Mill McKinney, TX :: Popography

Jessica is hands down the most considerate bride. She says “Yes Ma’am” more than me! :) She brought her bff along and we laughed so much. Keeping that dress clean was HARD! The

Lindsey’s Bridal :: Southlake, TX Town Center :: Popography

Lindsey is the down to earth girl you just love to shoot with. There is nothing too crazy or to high to climb…even in your wedding gown. And what a gown this is! We met up on a cloudy and windy

Sabrina’s Bridal :: McKinney, TX Cotton Mill :: Popography

Sabrina’s Bridals were soooooo much fun. She showed up ready to WORK IT OUT. This was the first time I had ever met her in person and I was shocked to see that she was my size! Fun size! I bet