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Music Artist Feature :: Geena Fontanella

Serendipity definitely played a huge part in meeting this beautiful gal. It was a cold Sunday and I was headed to New York to shoot an engagement and last minute I decided to take the bus instead of

Syphon Fitness :: New York City Yoga

It’s not everyday you get to shoot Yoga in New York City. But when you do–its pretty amazing. Everyone is put in your path for a reason. I just love how life will place someone in your

Tristan Blaine :: Music Artist Promotional Shoot :: Popography

Tristan Blaine is a reoccurring appearance on this blog. :) His music is changing and so is his look. I absolutely love working with him. He knows how to work the camera and really works the mic! I

Kaity Floyd :: Music Artist Promotional Shoot :: POPography

It was a complete honor to shoot with the very talented Kaity Floyd. Genuine. Talented. Strong. Beautiful. We are excited to see where your music career takes you! Best of everything to you!

Cinnamon Prime :: Life Coach Fitness Session :: Popography

Everyone, meet an amazing woman- Coach Cinnamon Prime. She is a master encourager to many people who want to better themselves mentally and physically. She has a miraculous testimony and her light

Tyler Layne :: Music Promo Shoot :: New York City, NY :: Popography

My phone rings and it is a Virginia phone number. Who in the world would I know from VA? I was super excited to here it was Tyler Layne’s mom! I hit the internet and started watching his

Tristan Blaine :: New York City Musician Shoot :: Popography

I will say it again-this kid is AWESOME. He really knows what he wants not only in life but in his music career. I have had the pleasure of working with Tristan on several occasions. Our Deep Ellum

Jessica Rambo :: Popography Mentoring Session :: Popography

I think I have met a much younger version of myself. We literally say and think the same things. What a precious soul this is. World- meet the lovely and talented Jessica Rambo. She has given me the

Louie the Singer :: Dallas Arts District Music Artist Session :: Popography

Louie, Louie, Louie… What an amazing artist and I am happy to call him my friend. He is a jack of many trades. Dancing, performing, writing music–I was completely honored that he

Skylar :: Dallas Arts District Artist Session :: Popography

Skylar- you’re true TRIPLE threat. What a dynamic individual! I was completely awe struck when he arrived a the dance auditions for my 2013 POPography promo video. He had so much talent and

Tristan Blaine :: Dallas Arts District Music Artist Session :: Popography

Tristan is such an amazing individual. I had the privilege of shooting his last promotional shoot and then again this time! He was also one of the dancers in our 2013 POPography promo video! He has

Gypsy Storytelling through Photography :: New Orleans, Louisiana :: Popography

We had the privilege of staying in downtown NOLA last fall when my hubby returned for his 10 year class reunion. I shot an engagement the morning of the reunion and I had made big plans to try out

Sarah Sims :: Decatur Texas Photographer :: POPography

When I look at Sarah I can’t help but remember her as a little girl. Growing up in the same church for most of our lives we spent many many days running around the church. She was a bubbly

Tristan Blaine Music Artist :: Dallas Musician Photographer :: Popography

Talent is kind of an understatement when it comes to Mr. Tristan Blaine.  Our conversation was endless, the laughs were plentiful and the photos are AMAZING. Everything was flowing and going so

Todd & Woni Street Yoga :: Deep Ellum & Cityplace Dallas, TX :: Popography

Sometimes I get a huge opportunity as an artist/photographer to do super fun stuff. I found out my friends were about to graduate with their Yoga Certification from Sunstone Yoga.  I have watched