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2 of my Favorite Things

It’s no secret. If you follow my Instagram or my Facebook you know I am a huge of two things: Kate Spade & Champagne.

My husband is almost expectant that I will buy a Kate Spade product every few months. Don’t be confused…I have to get it on sale. I don’t spend a lot of money on much of anything…besides gear! HA! You can sign up on and receive emails when a Sale is in order! I also look at Century21 a lot! I have actually started giving some things to friends because I don’t need too many bags in my closet.

Now you may ask why I am writing about this on my blog.

  1. Every girl deserves a great bag!
  2. I discovered something that blew my mind!

——> KATE SPADE HAS A MEN’S LINE!!!!?!?!?!?! <———

Yes, this is true! How did I come to find this out? Welllllll, we were hanging with our bride and groom this weekend and the bride had two Kate Spade bags sitting on the kitchen counter. That’s my kind of girl!! We started chatting about outlet stores and where we tend to shop for the best deals. We then started wishing that we could spoil our men with Kate Spade gifts. They were like “STOP IT!” My hubby, Jeff, then decides he is going to google it. And what would you know! There is a Kate Spade men’s collection! “JACK SPADE“! Who would have thunk it! There is a store in Manhattan. That is on my list of things to do! It was a great discovery…well, for me! My hubby was not too happy about the find- and he found it!!!



Kate Spade and Champagne by POPography.org_120

My 2nd favorite thing is obviously, champagne. If it sparkles- I love it. End of story. Every day is a celebration!


Kate Spade and Champagne by POPography.org_121



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